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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Super quick hair style (30 min)

I parted Brea's hair down the middle and then i made a little part in the front and put it into a little pony tail and split it in half. then i connected half with one side and kept making little poy tails and connecting then in the top half then i put half of her hair into one pony tail and did the same on the other side and i did 6 braids on her pony tails and added 6 beads to each one and a little snap clip on the ends instead of rubber bands.


LYGBC said...

Gorgeous! I love the combination style on your cutie! The veil is super cute and i love the variation! My Diva is partial to beads and hair accessories! <3

Precious @ said...

This is cute! Your girls are so adorable!!

brittany vandewalker said...

thank you precious and lygbc.