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Sunday, November 13, 2011

brea's braided mowhawk with pony balls and spiral cornrow's and beads.

Brea has been asking me to do a mowhawk on her for a very long time she has seen so many pictures online and she keeps saying mommy i want a mowhawk please.then today i asked her how she wanted her hair and she said a mowhawk please i told her only if she let me braid it she i tried 2 new things.first by doing her hair while she is awake and also spiral cornrows too.i will include instructions after my detailed pictures.

first i parted brea's hair down the middle then in the front i parted 2 small sections across and made 2 small cornrows and attached her color choice of beads.then i braided 3 cornrows on each side and then i added the beads and then i put those 6 braids into a pony ball.then i repeated the same method again.the back i braided 2 spiral cornrows and added beads.


Nikki's HairThoughts said...

Very pretty mohawk! I am a huge fan of this style!

brittany vandewalker said...

thank you.