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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Canale Originals Bracelet Plus review.

                                                                BRACELET PLUS
I recieved my bracelet plus in the mail this morning.i couldnt wait to try it on.i have had it on allday.i didnt even know the little purse was there after about 15 or 20 just felt like a little bracelet on my wrist.i have to get my daughters on too.i know they will love the BRACELET PLUS too.did i just say get my daughters one?yes i did.they make kids products too.i will also be having a giveaway too for one BRACELET PLUS.if you would like to purchase a BRACELET PLUS go here to Canale originals .you can find Canale originals on facebook too.
here is some things about the creator of this wonderful bracelet plus.Deborah the founder of Canale Originals grew up in Redondo Beach, CA, her Grandmother taught her to sew when she was about 9 years old. Winning her first sewing contest at the age of 10 had her hooked from then on, she made and designer most of her own clothes, mostly out of necessity being 5'9 most of the clothes were too short for her. Now she loves thinking of new ways to create and to be different.We are committed to excellence in our products and customer service. We took 6 months just to come up with the right combination for the elastic that we use to insure that the bracelet on the wallet retains it shape and fit. Each strand of crystals and or beads are hand beaded and each strand is securely attached separately to the wallet to insure it's safety. We want to make sure you are happy with all of your purchases.
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