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Saturday, December 3, 2011

sidewinders review

first off we want to thank susie from sidewinders for our sidewinders.i recieved some sidewinders to try out on my daughters.below is a picture of the sidewinders i recieved.
we recieved white,bubble gum pink,neon green,and princess pink.
i used the side winders to create the hair styles below.when we opened the package brea said mommy those are pretty what are they.then i told her that we were going to use the sidewinders instead of the beads.she was like what. how are you goin to use them?then after her bath i started with me'ana first. her hair is th easiest to do since brea's little beautician incedent.well the side winders are rwally easy to use and are alot better than the beads i have been using.i got done with both of my daughters hair alot took me about 10 mins for me'ana and about 30 mins for brea's.when usually it takes me about an hour on brea's hair or more.i love the sidewinders.brea and me'ana say that they like the side winders better too.they say yay you got done fast mommy.they keep asking me can we get more colors please mommy.we will be getting more of the sidewinders.they are a great product.i am including the styles we came up with for our new sidewinders below. you can find sidewinders on facebook and twitter too.i am also posting the howto video below as well for you too see how easy they are to use.

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