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Friday, February 10, 2012

curls review

                        first of all i would like to thank brittany for the curly q milkshake.
Even though the multi-racial population continued to grow, there were hardly any specialized products on the market created for mixed women and girls. CURLS has overcome the lacunae by coming up with the series of products specifically developed for curly hair. So, the days of worrying about frizzy, brushy, uncontrollable curls are history. Buy your own customized curly hair product from our extensive online store.
                                                                            our review.
i used the milkshake on me'ana's hair after i washed and conditioned it.the curly q milkshake made me'ana's hair easy to work with.i like this product.i would use this product again.the product made me'ana's hair soft.below are some picture of me'ana's hair after i used the curly q milkshake can find this great product and many other products on the curls website.
                                       me'ana's hair after i applied the curly q milkshake.
                                                                 the sides of me'ana's hair.

disclaimer:i was given the curlyq milkshake to try out for the purpose of this review.these are all my own opinions

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