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Thursday, March 8, 2012

fresh wave review

Fresh Wave® odor eliminators are used to naturally eliminate odors in your house, car and everywhere else. Fresh Wave® products are created and distributed by OMI Industries, the world leader in odor control and management.

OMI Industries products, which include Ecosorb® (industrial), Fresh Wave® IAQ® (commercial) and Fresh Wave® (consumer) use natural, non-toxic formulations that are scientifically proven to bond with and destroy odor causing molecules.

Created to eliminate the most foul odors on earth, you can find OMI products put to use every day in places such as solid waste facilities, asphalt factories, rubber manufacturing plants, hotel rooms, rental cars, offices, and homes around the world. Whatever the odor, OMI products can eliminate it safely, naturally and effectively.
                                                         about the products i recieved to try.
Nothing works better to remove persistent odors in the air than Fresh Wave® Crystal Gel. Just open a jar to deodorize any room or area – such as a basement or bathroom. Then allow ambient airflow to activate the unscented odor control gel for the whole room.

Quickly, effectively and without the use of perfumes or masking agents, Fresh Wave Crystal Gel eliminates odors including must, smoke and fish. And the Fresh Wave Crystal Gel product works around the clock, for approximately 60 to 90 days depending on conditions.

The seafood feast you made was amazing. It was also two days ago and the house still smells like Fisherman’s Wharf. But it won’t for long with Fresh Wave® Soy Candles. Light a natural Soy Candle in the kitchen while preparing your meals to eliminate cooking odors before they spread. Or use one after food preparation to remove lingering odors.

Like all Fresh Wave products, our Soy Candles are natural and safe to use around people and pets, so they're also safe to use in the kitchen around food. And unlike scented options, these candles won’t leave your house smelling like a pine forest.

For green odor control that’s on-demand, use our natural Soy Candles.

Fresh Wave® Multi-Purpose Additive can be used in a variety of ways throughout the house to eliminate odors safely and naturally. From mopping floors to cleaning pet kennels, Fresh Wash Multi-Purpose Additive is your all-in-one odor eliminating solution.
Add two capfuls per gallon of water into your carpet extractor or steam cleaner for the ultimate in odor elimination. Fresh Wave Multi-Purpose Additive is also great for humidifiers. Just a capful or two will remove those musty, unwanted smells. And try Fresh Wave Multi-Purpose Additive as your odor-eliminating solution for those hard to clean spots such as pet areas, sports equipment and other challenging hard surfaces. Use either full strength or dilute with water, wipe with a soft cloth and your odors will be gone in seconds.

                                                                          our review
when the fresh wave products got here i smelled them and i was kinda afraid that my house would smell like the pine scent.well i just sat the products on the hubby took the candle out of the box and had it lit when me and the kids came home from a walk.he was like i lite the thing and there isnt any smell.i told him it was an odar neutralizer then he said oh ok.then i took it into the living room.i used the gels in the bathroom.i have used the multi purpose stuff to steam clean my carpets. it worked great also. i really like all of the freshwave products i got to try. you can find these amazing products and many others right here.

disclaimer:i did recieve 3 products to try out and form an honest opinion. i wasnt conpensated in any other way for this review.these are all my own opinions.

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