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Friday, August 31, 2012

novena skin care products review and giveaway

*Doctor Approved*
*Doctor Recommended*
The Original Organic Maternity Skin Care Line Addressing Facial Needs.
Caring for your skin and baby since 2003
I am Jeanette D. Garcia Acosta CME the Novena MOM and a Licensed Medical Esthetician for over a decade. In 2003 I embarked on a mission to find a complete skincare line for my Pregnant and infertility patient clients that were free of Parabens (preservative), Sulfates (foaming agent), and Phthalates (bonding agent), which are chemicals found in 90% of all personal care products. Studies have shown that these chemicals could cause infertility, birth defects, reproductive problems in boys, early puberty in girls and even cancer.
When I did not find a suitable product line, I quickly decided to find an organic lab that could collaborate with me in developing a line that was safe, effective and addressed skin problems associated with pregnancy, (unbalanced/dehydrated, breakouts, brown spots, and stretch marks).

Did you know that everything that we apply on our skin ultimately ends up in our bloodstream? Consequently, we pass it on to our developing baby.

The ingredients in NOVENA are ORGANIC, VEGAN, NATURAL, ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE and ANIMAL FRIENDLY. Careful consideration was taken when choosing the organic/natural ingredients for this maternity skincare line due to the fact that even holistic herbs and oils can be very harmful in certain stages of pregnancy.
With such a high rise in early childhood illness without any logical explanation, I was not about to take any chances with my own pregnancies. I know you won’t either.
Mission Statement
Novena is determined to provide women of childbearing years a worry free skin care line designed for Pregnancy.
Novena does not contain any of the possible harmful ingredients which could potentially affect the health of a developing baby.
Whether you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or even one day planning on having a baby,
NOVENA is the right choice for you and your miracle of life.
Safe Organic Pregnancy Skin Care
Your Baby’s Worth It…

Natural Maternity Skin Care Products and Safe Pregnancy Skin Care Lotions and Creams
This Product is unlike any other in the market. It was especially made for the delicate are of the breast. Ingredients were hand picked to bring this unique and effective product for women that have existing stretch marks from past pregnancies or sudden growth spurts and for women that want to prevent them. Helps reduce the possibility of developing stretch marks on & around the breasts. Aids in repairing existing stretch marks. This step is imperative especially during that very critical time when mother's milk comes in. Heals and nourishes dry skin. Safe to use on nipples, safe for baby and always..... Gluten Free!
This Luxurious cream consists of 100% Cocoa Butter, Calendula, Macadamia Oil and many more ingredients that aids in preventing the development of stretch marks. It penetrates deep leaving a velvety smooth feel with silkiness and no stickiness yet adding tremendous lubrication.

Tangerine extract which is known for it's softening and healing properties, it regenerates damaged skin
cells and helps in the removal of stretch marksOur clinical study showed that when women used the combination two times a day at the first news of pregnancy no stretch marks developed, making this one of the most effectivepreventative belly creams available.

*Test subjects were from different ethnic backgrounds
and ages.
Tests were conducted on new and old marks.*

If you are predisposed to getting stretch marks and do nothing to prevent it, chances are you will get them.
Be proactive and don't take any chances. Start on your Beauty Belly Butter as soon as you find out you are Pregnant...
This formula helps reduce the possibility of developing stretch marks and aids in repairing existing ones.

                               my review.
i always make sure to apply alot of butters and oils and creams to my belly when pregnant. i was super excited to try the novena products. the belly cream really does work. i have been using it over a month and it has removed some of my old stretch marks. i havent noticed any new ones either. it has even lightened the dark ones too. all of the other products i have used i still got stretch marks. i was so amazed at how well the creams work both the breast and belly cream have removed some of my stretch marks. i know if i keep using the products my stretch marks will be gone. i will deffinatly keep using these products. they smell great too. head over to novena and check out all of there awesome products. then be sure to come back here and enter my giveaway to win the same products i reviewed.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

disclaimer: i did recieve a sample product to try. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.


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I'd like the Organic Beauty Belly Cream

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I'd like to try the Organic Citrus Blemish Lotion

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i'd like to try their face wash too
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I'd love to try the Organic Beauty Belly Cream