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Monday, August 6, 2012

wonder bumpers review

Wonder Bumpers’ sleek, vertical flat-pads, tightly wrap around each individual crib rail. Wonder Bumpers’ shape smartly follows the vertical design of the crib rails, enhancing the safety features already built into it. Parents can now rely on a solution to truly protect their baby from the time he/she is born until he/she is ready to move into a regular bed. Each bumper is reversible. This allows for several combinations or patterns in your nursery. These fit most traditional cribs. Add on 2 packs to fit your crib as needed.
i love thsi room set up. dont you? i really like how cute the crib is with the wonder bumpers.
                                                my review.
i was excited to review the wonder bumpers for my sons crib. i recieved the wonder bumpers really fast. i love the baby blue color of the wonder bumpers. i like the chocolate color as well. i put the wonder bumpers on my crib. i recieved a pack of 38 for my sons crib. there wasnt enough to do all of my crib. i wish i had more of the wonder bumpers. however i did put them on my crib. the wonder bumpers do look so cute. i know my son will be safe in his crib with the wonder bumpers. i love being able to know there is a safe option for padding your childs crib rails. i will keep using the wonder bumpers on my crib for my son. i had enough to put them on almost 3 sides. head over and check out the wonder bumpers. there are so many options too. dont forget to check out the bumper drive as well. thats where you send in your dangerous crib bumper and get 50 percent off your wonder bumpers.
see how adorable they look as well as being safe too.
i had almost enough to cover all of the rails. when i get some extra money i will purchase the rest.

disclaimer:i was given a sample product to try. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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Unknown said...

Hey- came across your blog and wanted to add I also use and love Wonder Bumpers! I don't think enough mom's know that even the mesh breathable bumpers are dangerous for babies. I am glad you linked the 50% off bumper trade-in because they extended the offer through the end of August 2012!