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Friday, September 21, 2012

circle of friends shampoo and conditioner review.

 Circle of Friends® was founded and nurtured by the world's great experts on children: moms. Since its inception, the mission of Circle of Friends® was to create a professional hair, bath, and body line for children, while introducing them to a world of styles and cultures.

At Circle of Friends® we believe that children deserve products designed for their special hair and bath needs, as well as ones that challenge their active minds. To achieve this goal, we carefully craft each product, using only the highest quality ingredients, such as exotic botanical extracts, natural elements, and enchanting fragrances, and bottle these magical formulas in a playful "kid friendly" package. And Circle of Friends® products are always safe and gentle, packed full of vitamins and proteins, and are never tested on animals!

Of course, it's one thing to have superior salon performance products; it is quite another getting our kids to the bath or shower to use them. Circle of Friends® discovered an enlightening way to get kids fashionably clean.

Our secret? Circle of Friends® bottles each depict a character-or friend-from a different part of the world. Colorfully illustrated, this friend lends his or her name to each product and offers a short story on the back. The story talks about the life of the character in his or her country, punctuated with fascinating facts about where he or she lives and what he or she does for fun.
And kids can continue their dialogue with their "friends" via our Web site: It features many interactive games and our monthly Kid United Newsletter-full of entertaining and informative tales that show that underneath our appearance and culture, we're really all the same. Plus our Web site has plenty of useful tips for parents about our products and their use.

Children are our business-in a diversity of ways. So at Circle of Friends® we are not only strongly committed to fostering understanding and tolerance through our engaging educational programs, but also to supporting children's educational and charitable organizations by sponsoring child related events and fund raisers.

This is just the beginning of the Circle of Friends® adventure. One we hope will open many new doors to "expressing a world of style" with our innovative and ever evolving product line and encourage an appreciation of the cultures of our global village.
Have lice been spotted at school or in the neighborhood? Use Lice Defense prevention system before the lice come home. Lice Defense helps keep lice and other insects from your child's hair and scalp naturally with our unique blend of Tea Tree, Andiroba and Lavender oils. We also added Vitamin B-5 and glycerin to hydrate and soften the hair.
                                  My review.
I was so excited to finally find a product that protects against getting lice. I wish they would of had this when i was a kid. I had lice once when i was a kid and i know how hard it is to get ridd of. I remember my mom having to comb thru my hair for hours to get them all out. Not to mention the gross smelling treatmends. I have been using the circle of friends lice defense shamppo set on brea. There has been children at brea's school that had lice.Thankfully brea wasnt one of them. The products work great and have kept brea from getting lice at school. head over and purchase some lice defense products for your children as well. Thank you so much circle of friends.
disclaimer: i was given sample products to try. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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