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Saturday, September 1, 2012

luvs diapers and wipes review

When it comes to diapers, what do you want? Ultra leak protection or an affordable price? Choose Luvs® and get both. Luvs helps stop leaks as well as the pricey brands with Bear Hug Stretch™ premium elastic sides that stretch to fit.
i love how great luvs baby wipes smell. i really like that they dont tear up when you are using them too. i like that they arent really thin like alot of other wipes. the luvs wipes work great. i really like to find great products that dont cost as much as other brands. luvs wipes is well worth the money you pay. most other brands arent worth what you pay for. i will deffinatly use luvs wipes again.
i really liek using luvs diapers. i use them on me'ana sometimes at night and nap times. they dont leak at all. she is 4 years old. i love how they fit her perfectly. they dont leave any red marks on her at all. most diapers i have tried on her leak. there are only a few dispoable diapers i have came across that dont leak and leave gel on me'ana and luvs is one of them. i will deffinatly keep using luvs diapers and wipes. head over and check out luvs products. i think you too will like luvs.
disclaimer: i wasnt compensated in anyway at all for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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