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Friday, September 7, 2012

susan browns baby care review

Susan holds an MBA in Marketing from Western International University. For several years she searched for a product to take to market. While researching in this area she realized that the raw materials for this product were sitting right on her bathroom counter. For years Susan and her mother had been passing along personalized packages of her father's ingredient-rich complexes for good friends and family to try.

The oils and lotions her father had been bringing home since she was a child were the perfect beginning to what was to become a skin care line for babies and moms. It was then that Susan started working at a baby boutique to familiarize herself with the baby market. As she had expected, while the boutique was quite successful in clothing and knick-knack sales, it was lacking in the skincare offerings. There were very few baby skin care lines that were beautifully-packaged and efficacious.

With the information she gathered, Susan approached her former college roommate, Kimmy Hollar, with the goal to create a natural line of baby and mom skincare products that would be both effective and natural, perfect for sensitive skin.

Kimmy Hollar

Kimmy holds a degree in elementary education from the University of Arizona. A former first grade school teacher, camp counselor and nanny she is has first-hand experience in how children react to various lotions and creams. From rashes on elbows and knees, to breakouts from disposable diapers, Kimmy has seen it all.

As a child Kimmy suffered her own skin ailments. She started seeing a skin specialist for eczema. After being prescribed "special salve," chemically-made with an unpleasant smell, Kimmy's mom searched for a natural alternative - but nothing was available. From those early days Kimmy has been interested in natural and effective skin care and looks forward to educating the public on safe skin care.

Jim Brown

Susan Brown's father, Jim, is a renowned chemist of over thirty years and President of International Flora Technologies, Ltd., a leading manufacturer of botanically-based cosmetic ingredients distributed in 23 countries.

Founded in 1975, International Flora Technologies, Ltd. is known for producing naturally-hydrating ingredients for some of the best known skincare companies in the world (including Chanel, Estée Lauder, L'Oréal, Neutrogena and more). Since inception, the company has grown from its roots within the jojoba industry to its current position as a supplier of innovative and unique ingredients for the entire global cosmetics arena.

With a BS in Chemistry and Biology and specialized training in the field of lipid chemistry, Jim is also a past President of the Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops, past President of the American Jojoba Association, Director of the International Jojoba Export Council and a member of both the American Oil Chemists' Society and Institute of Food Technologists. In addition, Jim is an accredited author of several patents related to cosmetic chemistry and has published numerous technical papers that deal with lipid research.

Inspired by Ethnobotanical experts including Padre Kino, Howard Scott and James Duke, Jim's goal is to create a world premier brand of products for baby and mom.
                                                              my review.
since being pregnant my feet get so tired and hurt alot. i was so amazed at how many susan brown product i got to review. i recieved the dead sea salt foot soak, foot therapy cream, moisturising hand sanitizer, and the nourishing lotion too. i really like how all the products work. i love how the foot soak made my tired aching feet feel so good. i then applied the foot cream after i soaked my feet. my feet have never felt so relaxed and good. i will deffinatly keep using these products. next i tried the hand sanitizer. most hand sanitizer leaves my hands feeling dry. i was so amazed that my hands didnt feel dry at all afterwards. they felt like i had applied lotion. they smelled good too. i like the hand sanitizer as well. i used the baby cream on me'ana. they baby cream left her skin so soft and smelling great too.i will deffinatly keep using susan browns products. head over and check out all of the baby and mom products susan brown has to offer.
the foot cream and foot soak i got to try.
the hand sanitizer and other products i got to try.

disclaimer: i did recieve sample products to try. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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