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Saturday, December 1, 2012


I was so excited to get to host a littlest pet shop party for my girls and a few of there friends. we had so much fun. my girls love the littlest pet shop so much. they have alot of the littlest pet shop toys that all of the girls played with during the party. my girls and i enjoyed making alot of really cute foods and decorations for the party. i wanst able to take pictures since brea had dropped my camera in the sink while trying to look in the mirror and take pics. so i had to go get a new one. we made cupcakes and the i let all the girls decorate them as which littlest pet they liked most. my girls had so much fun at the party. they all enjoyed watching the episodes as well. if your child loves littlest pet shop make sure to check out the littlest pet shop on the hub. check out all the awesome pictures below.
scene from the littlest pet shop show.
2nd scene from the show.
another scene shot.
the last scene.
disclaimer: i did recieve sample products to try. i wasnt compensate din any other way for this post. these are all my own opinions.

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