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Saturday, December 29, 2012


This innovative travel electric razor will revolutionize your shaving experience while you are traveling the world! Its sleek, fashion forward design is no larger than a smart phone, making it the must-have grooming accessory for every tech savvy man on-the-go.
The ShaveTech is available in two sleek colors, lustrous black and fresh white, both of which are trimmed in brushed silver.
The ShaveTech uses USB powered state-of-the-art technology, so that you can charge it anywhere! Just by plugging the ShaveTech into any standard USB port, you can charge your electric razor with ease, free of the frustration of finding an unoccupied electrical outlet and packing any bulky adaptors. When not charging, the ShaveTech USB port flips up directly into the razor itself, making it easy to grip for a close shave.
With its sleek, lightweight design and compact body, you can take the ShaveTech with you wherever you go, whether it be to the gym, to work, or on a flight without weighing you down. ShaveTech is much more than just an electric razor, it is everything that the newest grooming device should be: powerful, compact, stylish and most of all, flexible.
The ShaveTech comes with a soft pouch for protection and a cleaning brush to keep the ShaveTech operating at its peak cutting capability.
ShaveTech… shave anywhere your busy life takes you!!
Since the ShaveTech is the same size as the average smart phone, it can fit perfectly in your pocket, gym bag, or carry-on luggage!
ShaveTech can be charged using any standard USB port, meaning you can charge it anywhere in the world without any adaptors or wall outlets!
The outer foil hood removes easily so that you can clean and maintain the performance of the blades with ease!
The ShaveTech is not produced using any dangerous substances that are typically used in electronics, making it 100% safe for use!
Its sleek, fashion-forward design sets the standard for all other electric razors on the market!

                                                     MY REVIEW.
chris has never liked electric razors at all. i wanted to find an electri razor he liked so bad. i have gotten him so many and he dont like any of them. when this razor came in he saw the box on the couch and was like so you got a new phone. lol i was like no its your new razor. he says no way i hate electric shavers. i said please try it out for me. he sais ok fine i guess i will. then he tried it out. he said man i am glad i tried this shaver out. i said why? he said he loved it. now he will walk around the house shaving. lol.he said the shaver is the best one he has ever used. he said he will definatly keep using this shaver.thank you so much shavetech. i love that i can just plug it up to my laptop and charge it. i love that it dont have to have batteries . chros loves that he dont have to plug it in to an electric outlet to shave.
you should head over and check out shavetech.

disclaimer: i was given a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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