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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Live Clean Baby is a unique collection of eco-friendly baby care products designed with your baby and the environment in mind. Live Clean Baby promises performance with natural, gentle ingredients - caring for baby's delicate skin using plant based formulations enriched with certified organic botanicals that are safe for baby and safe for the earth.
Live Clean Baby believes that “going green” is all about taking baby steps towards making significant eco-conscious efforts in your life. Buying eco-friendly baby care products is an easy first step to “going green”.
                        MY REVIEW.
i love to use great smelling products on my children. It is hard to come across a good all natyral product that smells good and works even better.when the package got here i opened it and was in awww of how many products they sent us to try out. i was even more happy after i opened a bottle and smelled it. i was like oh yea im goin to use this on channing to night. the first time i used the products i put about a table spoon of the baby wash in his bath and man that was way too much. the next time i only used a small amount.  everyone that held channing at church, was like mmmmm he smells so good. then asked me what i used. i told them the live clean baby products, and they could find them at walgreens. even my hubby loved the smell. my hubby even asked me if he could use some of channings bath stuff. i said really. then he was like well it smells so good.  i told him no way, use your own stuff. lol. i love the live clean baby products. the products make my sons skin feel so soft and smell so great. the live clean products are the best natural products i have found yet. make sure to head over to your wallgreens and pruchase some live clean baby products.
here is my son channing all nice and clean and smelling oh so good.

disclaimer: i wa given a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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