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Sunday, March 10, 2013


our story

Pull up a chair and sit down because this is a twenty year story... (the turbo version you will be pleased to hear!). This is a story of 3 friends, joined by a fourth who have built a lovely skincare company together.

Way back in the early nineties, Sian and Kathy ran a small brand creation design agency called Miller Sutherland, specialising in beauty. That is how we met Tanya who was then working with a great aromatherapist. thus creating a team to develop a wonderful range of products giving us our first experience in the world of skincare retail. Fast forward 3 years and the three of us started to work together using our combined skills to create bespoke beauty ranges for brands and retailers. One of the perks of working in the beauty industry for so long and in so many different areas, is that we have built up a little black book of the very best biochemists, aromatherapists and skincare experts in the business. So when one of us had our first major skincare need (now called Charlie) we knew exactly what to do. Sian's pregnancy was the catalyst for our very first Mama Mio product, Tummy Rub.

Over the next twelve years, and seven children later, we continued to selfishly formulate the products we needed to guide us through the minefields of skincare concerns. In 2005 we decided to share our personal favourites with the world, and Mama MIo was born. This was the point when we met Jill, our fantastic fourth partner who heads the charge in the US. Since then, it has been a crazy and really amazing ride; setting up Mama Mio, raising the finance, building the team how we wanted to, making sure we were able to stick to our principles, maintaining a stringent safety and ingredient policy, challenging ourselves to grow and develop and most importantly to make work fun. Because why shouldn’t work be fun – at least most of the time! (life is short.)

Now you may be thinking of Mama Mio as skincare that specialises in helping you through pregnancy. And that is definitely where we started – both in terms of our own needs and our original product range. But just as we have moved on in our own personal life-journeys and our own skincare needs, so has Mama Mio. The great thing is that those early days have given us huge experience in creating products that are SAFE, whilst being extremely effective in giving you strong, elastic, healthy, well-toned, FIT skin. Knowing how to help skin cope with a 40 inch stretch in 40 weeks is invaluable when working on formulations for anti-aging, cellulite, crepeyness or just dry skin!
We are probably the most selfish brand you will ever meet. We create products for ourselves; to solve the skincare issues WE want to overcome, using the very, very best ingredients at the highest potency to ensure that every product really works. And because our daily beauty rituals should be a pleasure, every Mama Mio product smells and feels fantastic.The way we see it, real beauty is about confidence – if you FEEL great, you will LOOK great.
We are working our way through all of the stages of our lives – young and carefree, pregnant-glowing and growing, new mamas reclaiming our bodies, and most currently we are trying out our new hat as… women of wisdom, working hard to feel good in a bikini! Our hope is whatever stage you are at, we have probably been there and will probably have a solution for you. Of course, you don't have to be a mama to love Mama Mio. Mama Mio is for everyone who wants to feel great in her skin.
Not sure if you know this, but two of us founders have hit the big 50 this year – joining the second half club. This has really motivated us to create our very latest addition to the Mama Mio line-up – face care.
From the minute we first launched Mama Mio (what feels like eons ago), we have received so many emails from our lovely Mama Mio fans saying “hey, love what you are doing for my boobs; but when you gonna sort my face out?’. But of course we didn’t want to create any old ‘me too’ face care range. We wanted to go the extra mile and give you something that no-one else had.
For us, this year is our most exciting since we actually launched. After 3 years of development, we have launched our brand spanking new High Protein Face Care range.
So to wrap up our story, five years of relentlessly hard work later, Mama Mio is in over 1500 stores in 8 countries, 150 of the most toe-tingling 5 star spas and, best of all, we get glorious feedback from women all around the globe.

Ahhhh. It all sounds so smooth and easy in the turbo version. We hope you appreciate us sparing you the long version which is filled with stress, sleepless nights, tantrums and growing pains (and just to be clear – this was just the grown-ups – especially the bankers - the kids were much better behaved!).

Seriously though, Mama Mio has been an amazing experience for all of us who work here – from our gang in the UK to California – giving everyone on our team the power and the passion to push themselves and learn that they can grow and grow in their roles at work and at home. It has been a crazy ride since deciding we were going to launch Mama Mio to arriving here 5 years later. WE have become more confident in ourselves as women in so many ways as a result of our experiences of creating Mama Mio. And we have YOU to thank for that. So, thank you!
about us
<!- DESCRIPTION ->Fit Skin For Life
Founded in London by 4 beauty experts, Mama Mio is a very personal creation. Our skincare expertise gives us the know-how, but first and foremost we are 4 women who want to feel good in our skin. We selfishly create each product to solve the skincare issues that we want to overcome, using the very best ingredients at their highest potency to ensure that every product really works. We believe that, whatever your shape, your age or your stage, if your skin looks FIT, toned, nourished and glowing - you will feel and look your most gorgeous.

Bootcamp for Tummies

Skincare & Exercise

only 4 minutes a day for 30 days to Love Your Tummy

A radical new way to tackle tummy bulge. If you commit for 30 days, you will see results; your tummy will be tighter, flatter, smoother and more defined. Your posture will be improved, your back stronger and your skin softer.

Bootcamp benefits:

  • Flat, toned ab muscles that will act like a corset to redefine your waist

  • Improved posture and back strength

  • Tight, firm, toned, touchable skin

watch this video it tells you all about the boot camp for tummies.

                            my review.
I just had my son about 4 months ago. i have been losing weight. my stomach had begun to get a flabby from weight lose. eww gross right? i know. well thats why i wanted to tryout the boot camp for tummies. i dont have alot of free time being a stay at home mom of 3 children and also running my site as well. when i got the kit i started it right away.i have been using it for a little over a month. my hubby saw the kit and was like thats a joke, he says that because he works out daily for 30 mins. well i still gave the product a try. i followed teh directions. it says all i have to do is a 4 min work out once a day and apply the products to my tummy. i know so you wondering if the product works right? i have noticed some diffrence in my tummy. my skin isnt as loose as it was when i started. i will keep using the product. i do like that its not greasy. i like that it dont take crunchs and all of that to work. my hubby couldnt believe that it worked. he then told me he was sorry for saying it was a joke. he now says he will give products a try before saying anything at all upfront. lol i guess he learned his lesson. i will deffinatly keep using the boot camp for tummies. head over to mama mia and check out all of there awesome products.

disclaimer: i wasnt compensated in any way for this review. however i did recieve a sample product to try out. these are all my own opinions.

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