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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

christmas 2012 gift guide.

About our 2012 christmas gift guide.
curly girl braids and more will be putting together a 2012 christmas gift guide. There will be different categories. (i will list them below). I will add links to the sponsors under each category.
Would you like to be apart of my gift guide?
i am looking for review and/or giveaway items for my christmas gift guide. You dont have to sposonr a giveaway to be apart of this. Email me at if you are interested in being apart of this. We can work out all of the details.
Christmas 2012 gift category's.
                             Baby gifts
                                       koala huggerz,
                                     the willow store
                                     the spunky stork
                                     whispering owlets
                                     my babys heart beat bear
                            Toddler gifts
                               water babies
                              the spunky stork
                        lalaloopsy remote control scooter
                                      aprons and smocks
                                      little tikes kitchen
                                      itikes piano
                                      bungalow bebe
                                      kicky pants
                                      polly pocket
                           Childrens gifts
                                         little cosmetics
                                         Zipzr shoes
                                          bratz dolls
                                          bratzilla dolls
                                          hello kitty 3ds game
                                          cooking mama ds games
                                                                  sandzini crafts
                                                                patch buddies
                                           Barbie Photo Fashion Doll
                               Mens gifts

                                          five finger tees
                            Womens gifts
                        passive agressive pajama's
                                   mikarose necklace's
                                    reno rose
                                    lady anti monkey-butt powder
                                    mally cosmetics
                                    nutra lift
                                    mineral hygienics
                           Household items
                                     solar christmas lights
                                      neater feeder
                                       dezign with a z
                                        slip x
                                       ottilie and lulu
                           Snacks and foods
                                         Barts cookies
                                        bare fruit chips
                                         beef jerky
                                         rw garcia
                                         just almonds
                           Stocking stuffers
                                         my little legs
                                          my spa life
                                          pami pocket
                                          noodle and boo
                                          cover your hair
                                          colic calm

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