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Saturday, July 28, 2012


My BabyZoo Ltd. develops smart sleep aids for young children.

Each product aims to enhance the bed-time ritual, comfort the child during the night, and improves the child’s rest during the night.

The company’s launching products are the Kids alarm clocks and the world’s first timer-based Kids night lights. Coming soon is the Digital Music box.
The BabyZoo Kids Timer Night Lights are the world's first timer-based Night lights. The cute & huggable turtle shaped Night light has several simple features.
  • The timer function automatically shuts the light off, so there is no need to physically turn it off.
  • Plus, a kid can switch it on by himself at night when waking up and the Night light will automatically shut down after each use.
  • Also, the whole 'shell' functions as the light switch making it very easy to operate for kids.
  • Furthermore, the Night light is very safe and uses batteries instead of 110V and LED lights instead of regular light bulbs, so that the night light does not get warm.

Specific details:
- Works on 2 AA batteries, so Gus can easily be placed anywhere you like
- Easy to operate: the shell functions as light switch
- Timer function: continuous, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min.
- Variable light intensity.
- Uses LED lights and therefore does not get warm.
- Huggable.
- From 10 months onwards.


                                                       OUR REVIEW.
i was super excite to be able to review such a cute and adorable night light. i knew it would be perfect for me'ana. snce she has to sleep in my bed every night and at nap time too. she wont go to sleep unless i am with her. i was hoping this night light would work for me'ana. her other night lights we have tried either have to be pushed over and over or plug into the wall. neither of those work for her. she falls asleep and wakes up and crys for me. since having the baby zoo night light she will wake up then turn on her night light with a simple push. she dont sleep in her room at night all the time but she has slept in her own room 2 nights out of 5. before it would be all 5 nights in my bed instead of hers. so this night light has helped her alot. we will keep using the baby zoo night light. i would love to review the kids alarm clock for brea my oldest daughter that likes to get up in the middle of the night and way too early too. i think the alarm clock would be perfect for her. im also excited about the music box coming soon. i will attach pictures below of the music box and the alarm clock for yout o see how cute they are. make sure to head over to baby zoo and check out all of there awesome products. head over to to purchase one or all of these awesome products. you can also check them out on facebook for news of new coming products and promotions.
here is the super cute alarm clock i want for brea. they have a boys version as well. its too cute too.
here is the awesome music box. i think my kids will enjoy so much, since they love music.

me'ana loves her new night light. thanks baby zoo. look how happy she is.

disclaimer: i wasnt compensated in any way for this review. how ever i did recieve a sample product to try out. these are all my own opinions.

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