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Friday, October 12, 2012

cutey baby diaper wraps review

It’s hard to believe that CuteyBaby has been in business three years, and we just completed our first US manufacturing project. Until now, most of our products have been made in China so that we could offer the lowest possible prices to Moms. Many people use washable diapers to save money, and making products overseas allows us to offer low prices.
So I’m very pleased and proud to say that we have started making something here in the USA!!
The “Keep it Clean!” biodegradable liner rolls we are now shipping were made and packaged at factories in North Carolina. Those of you who already use our liners may notice the material has changed a little bit, but we see the poop-trapping capability is even better! We also have MUCH better flushability and biodgradability now.
Our costs have about doubled, but we are so pleased to be helping support the US economy and keeping some manufacturing business here. Thanks to all you moms who use CuteyBaby! Happy Independence Day next week!
The new “That’s a Wrap!” washable/flushable diapering system.
Combine the all-new “That’s a Wrap!” waterproof diaper cover with our “Super Duper Soaker” 4-layer soaker pad and you have a flexible and affordable option for cloth diapering. Lay in a flushable liner sheet, and it’s also the easiest diaper to clean! With our 3-part system, you have the flexibility to change absorbency, replace only the soaker pad when wet, and enjoy a range of three sizes that fit from 5lbs up to 40 lbs. That’s a Wrap recently won the PTPA “Parent Tested Parent Approved” Seal of Approval. We are so excited to be selling the “That’s a Wrap!” system in retailers across the country. Look for a display in a grocery store or mass retailer near you. Or click Where to Buy for our store locator map.

check out this awesome how to video. it shows you exactly how to use the new thats a wrap diaper.

                                 my review.
as you all know cloth diapers are one of my favorite things to review. i get so excited when i know i have fluff mail coming. dont you? i watch and wait for the mail everyday till it comes in when i have fluff coming. i was so excited to try the wraps from cutey baby. this is a completly new diaper to me. its so easy to use. i tested these diapers out on my friends son that i baby sit alot. they held up great. no leaks at all. they are some awesome diapers. i cant wait to try them on my son. i love the designs and color combos as well. i like that you can just drop the whole diaper in your washer and the insert comes out on its own. i also recieved a wet bag to try out as well. i love that the wet bag is made so good. it held 7 diapers for me and still had room. the wet bag didnt leak at all. i will deffinatly keep using the cutey baby thats a wraps and wet bag head over and check out cutey baby.

the wet bag, diapers and inserts i got to review.

the really cute wet bag i got to try out.

the outside of one of the thats a wraps i got.

the inside of the thats a wrap diaper.
the insert for the thats a wrap diaper.

disclaimer: i did recieve sample products to review. these are all my own opinions. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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