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Friday, October 12, 2012

one of the cutest halloween diapers. red barn cloth diaper review.

I must explain the ‘Red Barn’ name. We, my hubby and I, actually do live in a Red Barn!! In fact we live in THIS Red Barn. . .

THE 'Red Barn'
We live in the left side of the barn, where the nice French doors are. My husband is an amazing builder and wood worker. It is very nice inside. Some day I will have to post pictures of the inside. The rest of the barn is actually a barn… but the only animals we have are a dog and a cat. So, perhaps the rest is really a workshop and storage.
I am very excited for this new adventure in life. I look forward to getting to know many of you and providing a comfy cute diaper for your little one. Red Barn Cloth Diapers is a cottage licensee of Nifty Nappy
nifty nappy diaper

check out this awesome video of how to make the diaper fit a newborn.

                                                           my review.
I love to review cloth diapers so much. I was so happy to get a halloween diaper to review. the diaper is so stinking cute. I love how soft the diaper is. I have been using the halloween ooga booga diaper on me'ana. The diaper fits her perfectly. No red marks at all. No leaks at all either. I love diapers from the redbarn. The red barn has all sorts of nifty nappy diapers and such awesome fabric choices as well. make sure to head over and check out the red barn.
here is the diaper on me'ana.i love the patern dont you?
side view of the diaper on her.
cute bum shot. not a bulky diaper at all.

disclaimere: i wasnt compensated in any way for thsi review. how ever i did recieve a sample product to try. these are all my own opinions.

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