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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Lifesize, The Company

The Lifesize company was created to
re-teach people how to eat so that they could lose weight, get down to a healthy weight, and most importantly, stay at their healthy weight for the rest of their lives.
We developed the simplest way for people to track the calories they eat in a meal and in a day, because we believe that if something is simple, people might actually do it.
We designed portion sizes of food that are based on calories and over thirty years of studying what and how much people need to eat to be satisfied and also stay at a healthy weight. And we created tools to help people see and understand what their meal plate and what a total day of eating should look like.
The two inventors of the Lifesize tools and the Lifesize Program are Steven Kates and Myles Berkowitz.

About the Lifesize Founders

Steven Kates has been in the fitness and nutrition business for more than 30 years.
Steven is known in Los Angeles for his work with celebrities, his ultra-modern fitness operations, and his scientific training techniques. He was Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the first Nautilus Chain in the West, and introduced Nautilus to Los Angeles. Spinning was invented in one of Steven’s Nautilus complexes by his friend and employee Johnny G.
Steven has founded and operated several fitness studios and workout facilities in the Los Angeles area, including Matrix 1 Fitness complex – the birthplace of the private training industry.
Steven has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from UCLA.
Myles Berkowitz is a filmmaker in Los Angeles. He’s been in the entertainment business for over 20 years, and most notably wrote, directed and starred in the Fox Searchlight film 20 Dates.
Myles Berkowitz knew nothing about food and dieting when he met Steven four years ago.
Myles didn’t know that rice was a carb! When Steven started talking to him about the proper portions of food he should eat, Myles made him draw those portion sizes on a piece of paper. Myles then made clay bowls from those drawings and used them to portion out his food. He immediately felt much more energetic and the weight started to melt off.
Myles was convinced that portion control was the answer to the obesity problem in America, but couldn’t find one place to get all the information a person needed to portion food properly.
So Myles and Steven decided to fill that knowledge gap. Together they came up with simple-to-use measuring devices and a complete Lifesize Program that even a dummy like Myles could understand.
Myles has lost 46 pounds on the Lifesize Program. But the bigger news is that he’s kept that weight off for over 3 years while still eating familiar and favorite foods, but in Lifesize portions.
Elisabeth Berkowitz, married to Myles, also has much to say about Lifesize.
Her easy-to-follow and practical instruction on the Lifesize Ready. Get Set. Go! DVD will help get you up and running in no time. Elisabeth is an interior decorator and has a degree in design from UCLA. After giving birth to a daughter, Elisabeth lost 21 pounds on Lifesize and has kept that weight off for over 3 years.
The Lifesize Lifestyle

Lifesize is a lifestyle. Once you start, you will probably end up Lifesizing for the rest of your life.

You’ve heard the “lifestyle” word a lot. Most diets and weight loss companies claim they are a lifestyle, but the fact that you don’t stay on those diets or use their products for life, and the fact that you end up gaining back whatever weight you lost on their programs means that ultimately, you didn’t change your lifestyle.
So how can we be so confident that Lifesize is the real deal? What makes Lifesize a lifestyle?

Lifesize doesn’t make major changes in your life.

But Lifesize is going to permanently change the way you eat and think about food. And most important, Lifesize is something you will feel comfortable doing for the rest of your life.

Lifesize changes how much you eat, not what you eat.

So when you use the Lifesize tools or do the Lifesize Program, you don’t make changes in the types of food you normally eat and you don’t have to give up foods you enjoy or even crave.
Most diets turn your normal eating pattern on its ear and make you cut out foods you’re used to eating and foods that you love. This is why diets are short term. You can only put up with these kinds of restrictions for a few months at a time before you go off the diet so you can go back to eating the foods you love.
With LifeSize, you never give up what is familliar or “favorite” in the first place. And there is no slight-of-hand in which we claim, “You can eat chocolate cake, but it has to be our frozen chocolate cake which doesn’t taste anything like the chocolate cake you love to eat.” On Lifesize, you must eat whatever you love, and you must eat it the way you love it. As we’ve said before, fix is not in the “what,” but in the “how much.”

You have a picture in your mind of the amount of food you need to eat to feel satisfied and full. But this picture has nothing to do with reality!

Over the years, that picture has become distorted and enlarged. And now you’re just eating all that food because you’re used to eating all that food. But you don’t need to eat that amount of food to become satisfied.
The tools in the Lifesize Basic Kit are going to put the correct picture in your mind as to what your plate of food should look like at mealtime. And the Lifesize Program will train you to make a few small changes in the way you eat which will create big changes in your weight and health and life.

The LifeSize portion sizes are the perfect portion sizes.

You are never again going to eat the same amount of food that you are eating now. And you’re not going to want to. After you eat LifeSize portions for a very short amount of time, you will become completely comfortable and satisfied eating a smaller and more natural amount of food.
And that’s how you will lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life. So, what are you going to go back to doing, eating until you are uncomfortable and stuffed?!

Lifesize is something you will feel comfortable doing for the rest of your life.

There’s a lot of flexibility in Lifesize. We tell you to eat the food you love. The Lifesize Program is designed to allow you to eat when you want and the kinds and sizes of meals that you want. You don’t have to give up a lot to Lifesize. We do say you have to change how much you are eating.
We’d love to be able to let you do everything you want, but you have to make some change if you want to lose weight.
If you know that you can eat steak whenever you wanted, and your baked potato the way you want with butter on it, and the only change to your eating strategy is that you have to eat a little less steak and butter than what you’re currently eating, and maybe a little more fruits and vegetables than you are currently eating, and maybe make a few other slight changes to the way you eat, you will probably be very comfortable with these small changes.

There’s a lot of leeway in Lifesizing.

You don’t have to get the portions exactly right all the time. So there’s no stress or big calculations involved every time you eat. Remember, even if you’re close, you will lose weight. And when you lose a lot of weight, and when you’re able to keep that weight off—even when you continue to eat what is familiar and “favorite”—then you will definitely be comfortable!

                             MY REVIEW.
I just had a baby 2 months ago. i have decided that since i am way over weight i wanted to try and lose some weight. i have always been over weight as far as i can remeber. well anyways. i have been on so many diets to try and lose weight and none of them have worked for me. or i end up feeling like im starving myself. i like that with the lifesize portions i dont have to eat a little baby plate of food. i also like that i can have the foods i love. i hate those diets where you cant eat this or that. i also hate the ones that say you can have a bite or 2 of this. i have been using the lifesize portions set for awhile now and i have lost almost 2 dress sizes in under a month. so yes the lifesize portions work great. i will deffinatly keep using my lifesize portions set. head over and check out lifesize portions.

disclaimer: i was given a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions

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