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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Our Story

monicas kidsThe idea for our company came in 2006 when I read something on the internet about BPA (bisphenol A). It was at that moment that I wondered why I never looked into chemicals before and how I thought organic food and meat was so necessary but organic chemical free shampoo… I barely gave it a thought. Sure I would buy a name brand “all natural” product here and there, but it was more for fun, and now I know most were NOT truly all natural.
I went around the house grabbing the bottles of moisturizers and mascara and shampoo and started researching the ingredients, I was horrified to see what research was and was not out there. There are 80,000 chemicals used in the USA and only 200 have been tested for human safety, and of those only on men, not women or children!
Did you know that Canada and Europe have banned many of the chemicals we commonly use in our household products because of their human toxicity? I’m talking about the chemicals in our baby shampoo not just our toilet cleaner. Interesting, yes?
Do you ever wonder why the cancer rate is so high and why neurological, endocrine and auto immune disorders are at an all time high? Is it because we are just noticing it and diagnosing it more, maybe that is a small part of the bigger picture. It is undeniable that there is overwhelming evidence of the chemicals and pollutants in our environment, food and bath, body and cleaning products that are contributing to disease, cancer, disorders and infertility.
Most of us trust the governing agencies to protect us and not let us have available to purchase products that contain ingredients that would harm us, right? I know our family did.
Our family has completely changed the way we live and what we buy largely for our children’s sake.
No synthetic fragrance in our home, no parabens, no SLS/ SLES, disodium EDTA and several others. A helpful website for any questions about the chemicals in a product is Google rocks too.
It’s not easy, and it takes time to figure out which products to change and what you will like and not like. Laundry Detergent was an immediate no brainer for us. It’s used daily by everyone. I needed to figure out a way to provide the public with a product safe and affordable. Molly’s Suds was born. Named after our daughter, Molly, born in 2005 on Christmas Eve, but never took a breath of air. We know she is serving our mighty God today! Her actual footprints are on every package to remind you our products are safe for even your tiniest family member.
Molly's Suds products have been tested on friends and family, humans and dogs big and small. Cloth diaper brands from prefolds to Bum Genius. Hard and soft water and in many different washers from ancient to top of the line high efficiency (HE).
I've been a Pediatric Nurse since 1996 and I have watched our nation's children grow sicker. I've witnessed Autism in our own family and friend circles in only the past 8 years grow rapidly. I've watched childhood cancer and thyroid issues in children increase. Fluorosis is also on the rise because our government is pumping fluoride, a toxic medication, into our drinking water, it's unregulated and we are medicating ourselves with it daily. How much water do you drink everyday? Does your city fluoridate the water? There's so much to learn, it's overwhelming.
So follow our blog, we’ll even give you some healthy food choices and ideas for picky kids…it’s about treating our whole body right! Clearly we will have laundry tips and tricks and we will have some videos for you to view.
From our family to yours,
Thank you for choosing Molly’s Suds!

  • 128 loads.
  • Safe for High Efficiency Washers and front loaders. Be sure to add the powder directly to your laundry tub. It is not formulated for the dispenser cup, though dissolves completely during the wash cycle.
  • Our fabulous free flowing powder is perfume and dye free. Ultra concentrated. Use only 1 Tablespoon (scoop included) per load. Safe and fabulous on cloth diapers! Cloth diaper wash cycle does require the use of more than the standard 1 scoop.
  • No SLS/SLES, no phosphates, no petrochemicals, no formaldehyde, no parabens, no 1,4 dioxane, no EDTA, no Diethanolamines, no synthetic surfactants, no PEG.
  • Safe for high efficiency machines. Biodegradable. Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free. Human and Pet Safe.
  • Great for those with extremely sensitive skin and cloth diapers as well. If you are at all conscious about what you put on your skin- remember laundry detergent is very toxic to humans and our earth. Our Laundry Powder is gentle to both you and the planet.
  • Ingredients: Proprietary blend of sodium carbonate from the Green River Basin in Wyoming, sodium bicarbonate, epsom salt (epsomite) and sea salt. While there are no perfumes, which are neurotoxic and petroleum based, there is a very minimal amount of organic peppermint essential oil.

  •                               my review.
    I try to use all natural soaps and laundry powders for my sons clothes and diapers. I was so excited to try the molly suds laundry powder. i love to try new soaps and powders for my laundry. i use cloth diapers on my son. so i needed to wash a load of cloth diapers and i was out of his diaper soap, so i decided to put the molly's suds to the test. i washed my diapers as i would normally but added the molly suds instead since i was out of diaper soap. i was thinking that this powder wouldnt work on my diapers. well when i took then out to go hang them to dry i smelled the diapers and they didnt smell at all. the powder had took out the dirty smell and actually cleaned my sons diapers. my sons diapers where all nice and frsh smelling and the powder even removed  a few stains as well. i was so amazed. i will definatly keep using molly's suds. you should head over and check out all the awesome products at molly's suds.
    disclaimer: i was given a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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