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Sunday, December 16, 2012


My Little Legs® was founded in a garage.
Yes, it’s true! We began in a garage. Actually, we began in a spare bedroom, then upgraded to a Florida room (like a sunroom). Before we knew it we were expanding to the garage. Our garage stay lasted 6 (HOT) months until we were large enough to get our own office space. This is still how we operate, start small and grow with the business. We do everything we can to save money so our savings can be passed on to our customers!
You may know us as that cute leg warmer company, but we have expanded into other product lines including hair bows, hats, bibs, and blankets. (Plus more exciting things to come.) We love to include funky, vibrant colors in our collection and we love the soft, classic baby look too. Over the past 3 years, we have walked to the ends of the Earth, barefooted and pregnant (once each) to find the best quality materials for our customers. (Well…that may be a slight exaggeration, but we do know how important quality is so we make the highest quality items and bring them to other parents at affordable prices.
We LOVE our customers! We actively engage our customers, asking their opinion on our products and interacting with them daily on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. If we could hand-deliver our products on a satin pillow we would, that is how much we love our customers. We believe that customers are part of our team, and we treat you like it! Thanks for all your help in making My Little Legs® a success. Without you, we would still be in the garage!

my review
my girls love leg warmers. me'ana loves the, the most i think. she would wear them all the time if i let her. i was super excited to review some really cute christmas leg warmers and hairbows too. me'ana loves to dress up all the time. the leg warmers fit her perfectly. brea wa able to wear the leg warmers as well. i love all the diffrent leg warmers at my little legs. they have alot of really nice things at my little legs. you should head over and check them out. then come back and enter my giveaway for a 50 dollar gift card.

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disclaimer:i was given a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.


Ashley said...

I'm guessing you'd like to know what we'd get from My Little Legs with the gift card? I love the hot pink petti romper!


J. Olson said...

I would love to try the new swaddle blankets from My Little Legs!
jbang0331 at yahoo dot com

Alex Liz R. said...

I love the mint chocolate chip leg warmers!
arobinson45 (at)

jenzen69 said...

love the pink diamond leg warmers

jenzen69 said...

love the pink diamond leg warmers

Sarh Snarski said...

I like the Boy Stripes 4-pack Leg Warmers.

carolaontour said...

Depending if we have another girl on the way or not, I'd get some matching Mary Jane socks. I'd also check out the Christmas stuff and keep that for next year. And if there is any money left over afterwards, I'd get some legwarmers