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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Generations after generations have lived on our Earth, with the understanding that all things will return to the earth, all things are reusable.

Recently in our history, our people have gotten off track, and have forgotten our future. We have created single use materials that cannot be returned to the Earth, that disrupt this natural cycle and change our future. We cannot continue to treat our planet as though it is single use. We must care for our planet, preserving it for our children.
Now is the time to move forward with this basic principle. Catherine Bolden, founder and mom behind The Willow Store, created this company in 2005 to share her dedication and respect our Earth, for our children and our reusable future.

We will not compromise on our beliefs. All of our products are ethically manufactured in the US, we strongly support small business, and living wages. We choose only the highest quality materials, and organic whenever possible, sourced in the US whenever possible.
Catherine Bolden
Founder, and
Chair, Real Diaper Industry Association (
3 Diaper Changes Super Saver Starter Kit Includes 1 Shell that fits from 5-40 pounds and 3 Organic Super Saver Inserts.

Sprout Change is the perfect diaper system. One size that actually fits baby from 5 to 40 pounds. No extra bulk, just convenience and quick diaper changes. They have only one snap setting, so changes are a flash, even for baby sitters that may not be used to cloth diapers.

Sprout Change uses a unique sizing system that makes it simple to adjust the size while baby is wearing the diaper cover, just open the wing pockets, adjust the hidden buttonhole elastic in the legs and waist, and forget it! No need to adjust the size of the diaper until baby's next growth spurt. Designed for versatility! Our cloth diapers save parents over $2,000 if used from birth through potty training, and kids in cloth tend to learn the potty an average of 6 months sooner than disposable diapered babies.

Sprout Change Shells are the only reversible diaper! This means you get two covers in one. Can't decide if you like side snapping or front snapping? You get both! Simply reverse the shell to flip the snapping position. (Side snapping works great for older children, it's harder for them to unsnap it themselves. Front snapping are great for newborns-they snap closed just like traditional diapers).

Comes with complete sizing and care instructions. Designed by a mom, and Made in the USA.

To learn more about the Sprout Change reusable diapering system click here.
                                                         MY REVIEW
I love to review cloth diapers. I have been using them on meme at night. i used this diaper on meme and my newborn son thats 2 months old now. the diaper is cute. i have never reviewed a diaper that you just lay teh insert inside. at first i thought it would leak and leave me with a huge mess. boy was i so wrong. its much easier to use. no pockets to stuff at all.i love that you can have 2 colors in one diaper. its so cool that you can reverse the colors. this diaper didnt leak at all on either of my children. the diaper didnt leave any red marks either. i will deffinatly keep this diaper in my stash. head over and check out all the awesome products at the willow store.

disclaimer: i was given a sample product to try out. i wasnt comensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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