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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Who doesn't love clean, green energy, easy to install lights and Christmas? We are based in Colorado. provides the best solar Christmas lights selection available on the web. Offering a vast inventory of lights from top manufacturers, customers can quickly and conveniently find the right string of lights in the perfect color and length. Solar Christmas lights are an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional decorations, and still produce the same bright color as traditional lights. They are also extremely safe with no possibility of electric shocks or blown fuses. Solar Christmas lights are easily set up and come in a variety of types, including the traditional string lights and other larger and more colorful fixtures, such as wreaths, lawn ornaments, outdoor trees and much more. With a great selection of solar lights from trusted experts in the field, saving money this holiday season has never been easier. From classic white to modern multi-color, all solar Christmas lights are available today and ready to ship immediately.

The team has years of experience operating online retail stores and has a reputation for superior customer service and on-time delivery. The constant turnover of the large inventory on the site provides shoppers the lowest possible prices on the best selection of lights and decorations for the Christmas season. Working continuously to improve customer experience, the team at is available 24x7 to answer questions, restock inventory and update the website with new products and helpful shopping guides.

Featuring industry-leading products and informative Christmas light articles, is the most reliable site to start shopping for the Christmas season. Visitors can quickly learn how to safely hang Christmas lights on a house and easily find out how to replace a bulb that is out. Readers can also find the answers to their most important and frequently asked questions about solar Christmas lights and the energy savings that are possible for the Christmas season. For an engaging and easy shopping experience, customers can check back soon to keep up with the latest site additions and improvements just in time for the next Christmas holiday.

Make your house beautiful with these 50 multi-colored solar Christmas lights. The bulbs alternate red, green, yellow, blue, and white, the perfect Christmas colors!
The string lights are perfect for trees, bushes, or to outline your home.
The lights come on a 16' string, which also has an additional 6' of extra line to place your solar panel in best position.
                            MY REVIEW.
my kids and i love to look at pretty christmas lights. we dont really have alot of extra money to be able to afford to run christmas lights for a long period of time. i wa sso amazed to learn that they actually made solar powered christmas lights. my girls and i was so amazed when we got them. we decided to wrap on of our poles on our front porch with a strand. the lights stay on all night too. how amazing. they come on as soon as it gets dark and go off at daylight. my hubby got home the first night we hung teh lights and was like how long have those been on? every since dark. then he was like when you gonna unplug em. i told him never and he said do what. then i laughed and told him they where free christmas lights. lol and he was like how so then i showed him.he said wow. i like this idea. then stated he was going to buy some more soonfor next christmas. head over and check out the solar christmas lights.

my daughter me'ana admiring the lovely lights.

disclaimer: i was given a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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