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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


On our website, , all our products are organized into different categories. Each category of headwear has subsections for different styles and colors. So if youre looking for a Headband or a simple Bandana or even a black bandanna , a Solid Kercheif , or a tied headband it will be very simple to find the exact type of Head covers you want. Headbands are great for woman who wear wigs, or for those who like to wear it on their hair. We have a wide range of Hair Accessories for all Hairband styles , from beautiful narrow bands , to eye catching wide hair bands. Many times the wide Hairbands are used for cancer patients with hair loss.
Another popular product is the Israeli Tiechel - Headscarf . These items (Mitpachot) can be tied in many different ways for each individual taste. These hair scarves are commonly used for religious haircovers , or for hair loss due to chemotherapy and other illnesses.
Our Pre Tied Bandanas are similar to the Tichels by giving complete coverage to the head. Their unique styles make them popular and fashionable hair covers. The many colors, styles and materials give the customers a large variety to choose from. There are lightweight and cotton materials for the summer and velvets and heavy fabric for the winter. There are also terry bandanas for wet hair.
We have a large variety of hair accessories, including: pony holders, studded clips , bridal hair accessories and wedding hair accessories . We also have hair bows, hair claws, hair ornaments , hair pins and much more sold on our website.
Crochet snoods and turbans are the perfect head covering for hair loss and for religion. They are fashionable and are worn by many women. Berets , Chaponnes , and hats are also as popular as the snood.
A big attraction is or optional gift wrap, which can be used for holiday gifts , birthday gifts and anniversary gifts. You can find many sales at our website . Wholesale is sought after at our website because of our un parallel selection, style and our top service.
Look at our Blog we always has great updates, sales, specials.
If you are looking for any type of Hair Accessories like Bandanas or Headbands you will have fun shopping!

These hair clips are beautiful. They look great on women, girls and babies!

  • 4 Inch Flowers
  • 0.8 Inch Crystal Center
  • Alligator Clip Attached
  • Looks Fabulous On
This is a beautiful large bow hair barrette. It looks fabulous on. Bow is 6 inches.

  • A Must Have
  • Adorable
  • 6 Inches
  • Barrette
Largest selection Hair Clips and Accessories. We have all types of Hair Clip from Banana Clips, Fish Clip, Daisey Flower , Lilly flower clips, Jaw Clips, Goody Clips.
Surely, any girl who is into any kind of hair fixing would have already tried using different kinds of hair clips because they are very useful in so many ways. Metal hair clips for example are a good, sturdy way to fix hair. Girls definitely are thrilled with the uniqueness of alligator hair clips because as clips, you get to hold them at least. Have you observed how feathers have become a trend that feather extensions are so much into hair fashion? There are feather hair clips so you too jump into the feather hair fashion wagon.

If you want the colors of the rainbow for your hair, there are plastic hair clips with many hip colors to choose from or you can go for bow hair clips and get the same effect. Goody hair clips are also must-have hair essentials because of their durability. If you want the kind that adds more sparkle to your hair, go for crystal hair clips, rhinestone hair clips, or sparkly hair clips. Some are fond of collecting particular items and if you happen to love collecting butterfly items, you will find it fun to get yourself some butterfly hair clips too.

I dont know how many times i have said this but here goes again. My daughter me'ana is obsessed with bows and flowers and all hair acessories. She loves them all. I love when a bow is well made and dont fall apart easily. i love the bows and flowers from cover your hair. me'ana has several items from there store and they all have lasted her along time. i will deffinaty love to keep putting cover your hair accesories in me'ana's hair. I wish my daughter brea loved bows and such as much. lol. make sure to head over and check out all of the awesome hair accesories at cover your hair.
these are the beautiful bows we recieved to review.
here is my girls all happy because they got some really pretty bows.
disclaimer: i was given a sample product to review. i wasnt compensated in any other way. these are all my own opinions.

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