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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hi everyone. I was going thru some pictures and found some from about 5 years ago. I knew i wanted to share them with you all. my children have changed so much thru out the years. Man so have I. I use to be so huge. lol. Thank god i finally got on the right track and decided it was time to lose some of that weight. Well anyways  on to my pictures.
here is a picture of brea and me from about 5 year ago. that date is wrong, i took pictures of these pictures with my camera today.
here is me from about 6  years ago. i wasnt that big here. i was pregnant with brea at the time.
here is me when i was like 8 months pregnant with brea. that was 5 and half years ago.
here is brea at 4 months old. look at all that black hair. what happened to
here is me feeding me'ana when she was 4 months old. this is like 4 years ago.
here is my holding brea at 5 months old. i was so big here.
here is chris, me'ana and me about 4 years ago.
here is brea and myself 4 years ago. look how big i was. geez was i huge. lol
here is chris, me , and me'ana. about 4 years ago. i was even bigger here.
here is brea on her first birthday with a cupcake.
here is brea eating her cupcake.
 look at me'ana. she is about a week old here.
look at how small my babies where. brea was pushin meme in the swing. aww how sweet.
look at how sweet my babies was. they where laying down together for nap time.
meme on her first birthday, eating her cake i made her.
here is brea bouncin meme in her bouncer. brea loved meme from day one. i even remeber teh cutest thing brea did the first time she saw meme. she gave her a kiss and said mattt. like when you give a kiss and say muah. it was so cute.from the first day she saw meme said always did that, she'd kiss her and say matttt. lol
here is meme at a month old.
look at my beautiful brea at 9 months old.
look how sweet meme is at a week old.
look how sweet my girls are. brea was 14 months old. meme was a month old.
look at how beautiful brea looks on her first birthday.
here is my beautiful childrens father. this was 5 years ago.
here is my father in law feeding meme. she loved him from the moment she met him.
here is chris, brea at 1 month old and her uncle thomas.
here is me holding channing right after he was born. we where still in the surgery room.
here is channing on his first halloween he was such a cute teddy bear. he was only 2 weeks old here.

here is chris, brea and channing about 2 months ago. look how chubby channing is. too cute.

heres a picture of meme i took a few days ago.
here is channing yesterday, man has he grown alot in the 5 months he has been here.
here is brea from yesterday. man she has gotten so big.

just wanted to share some family pictures with you all. hope you all enjoy them. please leave a comment.

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