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Sunday, December 4, 2011


we recieved a pckage of boogi wipes to try.both my daughters have they seem to have runny noses alot.regular tissue seems to make there noses irritaded.this morning brea woke up with a runny i knew it would be a good time to try the boogi wipes.they work wonderful.they didnt make her nose red and irritated at all.brea likes using the boogi wipes.usually she will say no i dont wanna wipe my nose after a few times of wiping it.but today she hasnt said that at all. i would recomend these boogi wipes to you all for your children.i will deffinatly be investing in some for the feature of my childrens runny noses.below is a few pictures of brea using the wipes.and if you look closely you will see her nose isnt red at all.boogi wipes can also be found on facebook too.

disclaimer,i was given these wipes for free.i was not paid to write this review.these are my own opinions.

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