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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

zillionz atm and money jar review

Zillionz Toys From Summit Toys, is an award-winning line of money management toys and gadgets to help kids learn about money and financial responsibility.

                                                                our review
so when the toys came in i decided to give me'ana the money jar. i knew she would love it because she likes getting everyone's'ana sat putting her change in the money jar for hours over and over.i really like the fact that the money jar keeps track of her money.the money jar teaches her to save her'ana is saving to buy her doll chloe a sweet is'ana says mommy i need to save money to buy my baby a bed. she cant sleep with me forever.that is so cute.we really like the money jar. it is a great toy that teaches children to save money and to count.
i decided that zillionz atm would be perfect for brea.when there daddy gives them money on fridays. brea wont take she says imma need some dollars.when i use the atm or self check out brea loves to get the money i knew she would love the atm.i was right she does love it.she likes putting her dollars in and taking them out. i like the fact that you have to enter the amount of your bills you are putting in.that way brea has to look at the bill and then find the same number on the atm.brea loves to count. she is only 4 and she can count to 37.i like the zillions atm because it has been teaching brea to match number and to save money.brea says she is saving for a new scooter.
you can find these amazing toys right here.
here is a picture of me'ana putting coins in the money jar.brea wouldn't let me get a picture.she would run and say not today cute right.

disclaimer:i wasn't conpehsated in anyway for this review.these are all my own opinions.however i did recieve an atm and money jar to review.

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SRM said...

oooh those look fun! and what a great way to teach your kids about money management =)