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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Welcome to the world of Minky Couture…… we are so excited you are visiting our website! Thank you for being a treasured customer or you are considering purchasing one of our blankets for the first time.
We value each one of our new and returning customers and want to provide the best product and customer service possible. Let us tell you a little about how our company was created…
We were established in 2009…. Our owner Sandi Hendry began by giving fun, unique and functional gifts to friends and family members. The most exciting go-to gift that was always a hit and used on a daily basis were blankets. Sandi discovered the wonderful world of minky fabric and began designing different combinations so each gift was unique and fit the individual style and taste of the recipient.

Wow ….. what a hit! Many friends and family started asking if they could purchase these cozy, deliciously soft blankets for their loved ones.

The company was just beginning when Sandi’s 27 year old daughter became very ill and was hospitalized for several months....... weeks into her recovery she asked if her mom would make her a “big baby blanket!” The Adult sized blanket was born… this provided an amazing amount of comfort and love in a very difficult time for the entire family. It didn’t take long for this fashionable, cozy Adult blanket to become a valued gift for all ages.

It wasn’t long before the Monster blanket was created for the “little boy inside all of our big boys” whether in junior high school or a 6’5” business exec the Monster blanket is double the pleasure with just 12 more inches. It provides luxury and fashion to a sofa, bed, chair or wrapped around a cozy couple.

All of our blankets are made in the U. S. A. Each is individually made by an experienced talented seamstress that put lots of love and attention into each blanket. One of Sandi’s goals was to help her local community in providing opportunities for stay at home moms to supplement their income in difficult economic times. …… We are happy that this goal has been achieved and the result is a collection of beautiful blankets you can order online or by phone.

This is just the beginning of our many goals to provide you our customer with this fabulous product. We have many sizes and options to choose from and we can customize into hundreds of different combinations to enjoy at home or to give as a gift. Please take the time to stay and browse…. We look forward to assisting you in any way possible. We have selection specialists available to answer any questions about sizes or colors….

We have enjoyed your visit…. Now you can enjoy your wonderful Minky Couture Blanket. A touch of fun, a bit of fashion and a ton of love……
               Truman: Tan and Brown Cow
Rawhide! I wish I were a cowboy� With this fabulous Minky, you can be! Fullfill all you dreams snuggled up with this fantastic Minky! The truman is also great with red, baby blue, and many others. Why should baby blankets get all the love? Minky Couture makes adult blankets too, so snuggle up and sleep like a baby.
                              MY REVIEW.
i love to review baby items. i have been reviewing alot of baby items lately for my new expecting son. i am super excited to have reviewed this blanket. i love how beautiful it is. i love the animal print. i love that its super soft. when teh blanket came my girls and i were so excited. i opened it, meme and brea said since channing isnt here can we review it please. lol. i said why you wanna review it. they both said its so pretty we like it mommy. so i said sure but you cant take it outside. brea and meme love how soft the blanket is and how pretty it is too. meme has slept with the blanket a few times and she says it keeps her so warm. my girls love teh blanket so much. i know my son will as well. head over and check out all of the amazing minky couture blankets. then come back and enter my baby shower event giveaway with alot of great prizes including a minky couture blanket. 
look how happy meme is holding the minky blanket.
look at how beautiful and soft the blanket is. my girls love it.
my girls holding the blanket to show you the beautiful cow print.
look how happy brea was to hold the blanket all by herself. she says she wants one too.
disclaimer:i was given a sample product to review. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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