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Wednesday, July 18, 2012



This is the online store for stylish organic baby clothing and accessories.
We have handpicked the brands we carry for their style, design, quality and softness. Most of the brands are not just organic, but also part of fair trade operations to help out women in countries less fortunate.
Please feel free to drop us a line to let us know what you think of the store. We love feedback :)
100% organic cotton.
Extremely absorbent.
This kind of diaper was already manufactured by us more than thirty years ago and was marketed as a "romper diaper."
It allows the baby to romp about, fits like a pair of trousers, doesn't slip and grows with the baby thanks to its elastic knit and the Velcro fastening system.

Remember to buy cotton liners for nighttime use.

Machine washable in hot water.

These covers are a must have for cloth diapering!
The wool makes sure that your baby`s skin can breath - and never gets red and irritable. Use them over top of regular square or form fitted cloth diapers.
Remember to buy lanolin and treat them once a month or as needed for the covers to stay waterproof!!

The selection will change constantly, as the diaper pants are sold almost faster than we can knit and photograph them.
If we are sold out of the solid colored versions below, you are able to order them and we will knit them asap.
In addition we will knit funny versions with mixed yarns - stripes and multicolored ribbing.
They will be photographed as they are finished.

If you have any special color wishes or require a different size/pattern contact us and we will find a solution for that as well:-)
The colors in the color chart pictured below are as follows:
170 - charcoal
171 - dark gray
172 - light gray
173 - natural
174 - sand
175 - beige
176 - brown
177 - orange
178 - raspberry
179 - dark pink
180 - pale heather
181 - purple
182 - sky blue
183 - apple green
184 - petrol
And Off White, which is not on the Color Chart.

                               MY REVIEW.
i love to review cloth diaper of all sorts. this is the very first wool cover i have ever used. i was thinking to my self this is so going to leak every where. so i decided to try it out at nap time on meme. when she woke up i was amazed that is didnt leak at all. no wet bed at all. will i use the wool and diaper from nature bratzs again? yes of course i will. i love how it didnt leak at all and left no marks. meme sayd that its alot liek her big girl pantys she wears when she is awake. meme to like the nature bratzs diaper and wool cover too. head over and check out all of the awesome products at nature bratz. then be sure to come back here and enter my baby shower event giveaway for a chance to win alot of great pizes, including a gift card to nature bratz.
here is meme in the cloth diaper.not bulky at all.
here is meme in the wool cover. i like the colors. dont you?

disclaimer:i did recieve a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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