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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Enter the Lelli Kelly world, made of color and fun, and discover your Lelli Kelly, the shoes that are with you throughout the day.
Your Lelli Kelly shoes will be with you, fashionably and comfortably, while your at school, playing, and doing sports. Your Lelli Kelly's offer you a lot of beautiful gifts.
Lelli Kelly shoes are the result of intensive study of girl's enviroment and their quality demands as they grow.
All the components of your girl's Lelli Kelly follow the high European quality standards. The inner sole is made of real perforated leather; the outersole is light and antiskid.

                             OUR REVIEW.
Here is the beautiful shoes my girls recieved to review. my girls and i love clothes and exspecially shoes. my girls get so excited to get new shoes. just like me and there dad. well more like there dad. he loves new shoes too. the girls were both asleep when the shoes got dropped off by fed ex. when they woke up i told them i had lelli kelli shoes for them. they were so excited and said can we see them please. so i said of course and showed them they were is awww for a while. they love the colors and beads and details to there new shoes. i love how well the lelli kelli shoes are made. i also love how stylish they are too. my girls botth say there lelli kelli shoes are the most comfortable shoes they have ever had.they both want to wear them all the time. meme always wants to wear no shoes or flip flops too. she has totally changed that. thanks to lelli kelli. i am super happy now my baby will wear shoes. i know all of brea's friends are going to love her shoes when she goes back to school.head over and check out all of the beautiful shoes at lelli kelli. 
look at the detail to the design. i love the small bead work. dont you?
please excuse there messy hair. they had just woke up and got dressed. i didnt even have time to do there hair. they were so excited to try on there lelli kelli shoes. i knew i had to get the picture right then too or i wouldnt of gotten a picture.
head over and check lelli kelli out on facebook too.

disclaimer:i was given a sample products to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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