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Sunday, July 22, 2012

poptilla's review


THE CUÉTARAS BEGAN MANUFACTURING IN 1923. Ever since the company opened its doors, finding new ways to serve delicious snacks has been a way of life. Food has always been something to be savored, and a driving force to be creative.
Like good genes and quirky mannerisms, ingenuity has been passed down through the generations. It is something Florencio Cuétara, President of Classic Foods, remembers with some trepidation. While other kids were at camp, he spent his summer vacations traveling to different manufacturing plants. There were long road trips, crisscrossing the country, to visit the cheese factory in Wisconsin, a box plant in New York, and a machinery factory in Michigan.
His family literally lived, ate and breathed snack foods. Their home was above one of the Classic Foods’ factories. Florencio’s dad would test out new products by inviting all of his son’s classmates over after school – even the bullies – for a taste of his snacks. This was a tough lesson for Florencio to swallow. But it was an important one. He learned that every customer’s opinion mattered in order for the company to be successful. And this is something that is instilled in everyone who works at the company today.
POPPED WITH FLAVOR! Poptillas popped tortilla chips are light, crispy snacks that are made with all natural whole grain corn. At first bite, Poptillas™ will feel like a flavor piñata exploded in your mouth and your taste buds are there to reap the tasty rewards!

potillas comparison
Poptillas™ contain up to 25% less fat than the leading tortilla chips because they are popped instead of fried.
  • All Natural
  • Made with Whole Grain
  • Gluten Free
  • No MSG
  • No Cholesterol
  • No Trans Fat
  • No Preservatives
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup

Available in 3 deliciously savory flavors:
Yellow Corn: A new way to enjoy an old favorite. Lightly salted and ready for dipping.
Nacho Cheese: Incredibly cheesy with a hint of spice.
Salsa Verde: Spicy, zesty and tangy. It’s your favorite salsa on a chip!
                                        our review.
my whole family loves chips. i love when i am able to find a healthy snack that my family loves.  my girls couldnt wait to try the poptilla's chips when tehy got here. i let them try the nacho cheese ones first. they loved them. then we tried them. they tasted so good. then we all tried the other flavors as well and loved them too. i will definatly buy poptilla's for my family again. head over and check out poptilla's.
here is brea super excited to try the nacho cheese poptilla's.
here is meme just after her nap and wanting to try the salsa verde ones.

disclaimer:i was given samples to try. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review in any other way.thes are all my own opinions.

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