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Saturday, July 14, 2012


You provide sun protection for your child's skin so it makes sense to provide protection for his eyes as well.

What's wrong with this picture?

Doctor Recommended
Real Kids Shades are the doctor recommended sunblock you can apply directly to your kids’ eyes. They’re made with shatterproof, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses because it’s the best stuff kids’ sunglasses can be made from. Our Xylex frames are super light and durable while our TPE frames are extremely flexible and bendable. Our wrap-around frames minimize exposure to harmful peripheral light. Opticians can even fit some of our styles with prescription lenses. These are just a few of the reasons why doctors like Real Kids Shades.
Made Just for Kids
Real Kids Shades are specifically constructed to fit kids’ faces and their lifestyles. Our My First Shades line was designed with the help of a pediatric ophthalmologist for optimal fit, comfort and safety. All our sunglasses are made exclusively for infants and children in kid-approved styles that are shatterproof, impact-resistant and adaptable to sports and active lifestyles.
Kids need to be active, outdoors and in their sunglasses. Made to be worn year-round, our banded frames fit just as well under ski helmets as they do bike helmets. Our patented neoprene bands with Velcro® adjustable closures keep them secure and in place on the court or in the yard. And they’re tough. Real Kids Shades are made to be outgrown before worn out.
Comfortable, Durable and Good-Looking
All Real Kids shades are comfortable (so kids will wear them), durable (so they stand up to kid life), and good-looking 
(so they get used). They’re serious sunglasses fabricated with the same high-quality materials and to the same exacting standards as adult shades. We don’t believe your kids deserve anything less.
To ensure your child’s sunglasses are as protective and safe as possible download our free brochure Protecting Your Child’s Eyes From The Sun: What Every Mom Should Know.
Real Kids. Real Shades. Real Kids Shades.
                                                                          our review.
my girls love to wear sunglassses. i am so greatfull they keep them on and protect there eyes. i was super excited to review real kids shades. my kids sun glasses came super fast. i was able to review a pair for each of my children. my girls have been wearing there new real kids shades everyday. head over and check out all of the awesome shades for your children at real kids shades.
look how pretty meme looks in her new shades. she loves em.
look how pretty brea looks in her shades. so grown up huh?

disclamier:i was given a sample product to try out. i wasnt compansated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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