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Saturday, August 4, 2012

snap-ez diaper review and giveaway

About Us

Our Mission Statement Snap-EZ ® Inc is founded on the principle of combining
high quality products and friendly customer service!
As a Stay-At-Home, homeschooling mother to my 12 children
(ranging from a newborn to adult children, two of whom have flown the coop, and share an apartment now),
I want our company to be known for its high quality and great customer service,
while still meeting the needs of my family.
This business adventure is a great training tool for my children (Business 101!)

Our Story

Snap-EZ ® diapers, training pants, briefs and accessories are the result of "necessity is the mother of invention."
I needed to reduce our cost of living and that meant
going back to "the drudgery of cloth diapers".

But there was a surprise in store for me.
The cloth diapers of today are nothing like
the cloth diapers of even 5 years ago.

(Introducing our latest blessing - Carese Faith!)

In the summer of 2004, I was introduced to the new "PUL Pockets"
by a dear friend and I was hooked.
With these converting from disposable to cloth came with ease!
The only problem was that I could not afford to buy enough
(even 2 was more than I could afford!).

So, I began making them.
They turned out so well that I decided that I could go beyond saving money
by doing cloth diapers, to making money by manufacturing and selling them!
And presto! Another SAHM magically became a WAHM!
And you are the beneficiary!

Here's my wonderful family in June2012:

What made us who we are today?

There were many life experiences that set the stage for Snap-EZ ™.
Things like 18 years of diapering my 9 children
(now I have 11 children and have been diapering children for 25 years!) ,
6 years as a professional seamstress and 6 years
as a business owner are the experiences
that stand behind my business & products!

We are doing our best to help more people transition from disposables to cloth, making products that are not available in today's market!
We offer high quality products, handmade in the USA
that will stand the test of time.

We are now producing products that meet the needs
of preemie babies, toddlers, children, youth and adults,
while also providing the best cloth training pants too!

What makes our products different?

They are all handmade (no mass production).
We strive to create innovative designs to make
using cloth a way of life for more people.
We only use the highest quality goods to produce my products
- you can't make a quality product if you use inferior materials!

With the exception of our snaps, hemp fleece and elastic, all our materials are made in the USA!

How our Snap-EZ ™ products are made

At this time Snap-EZ ® products are handmade by Ruth
and 4 or so WAHMs (Work-At-Home-Moms),
as well as a our older girls who helps with
snapping/stocking/cutting and shipping!!.
By personally training my seamstresses,
we are able to maintain a high standard of product manufacturing
so you can rely on us to give you the quality product
you have come to expect from Snap-EZ ® Inc

If you'd like to know more about our seamstresses,
check out my blog posts about them:

Seamstress Highlights!

Here are some pictures of our shop in 2011:

Here's our "office" - Jessica and I share a desk, she does shipping and I do web site maintenance and emails:

Here you see our sewing table, and the snapping table,
All our product bins, and our cutting table :

And lastly, here's the washing machine and dryer and fabric bolts off in the corner!

We hope you have enjoyed you tour of Snap-EZ ™ Inc!
Recent developments...
As of October, 2010, we decided that it was time for us to step out of this business.
It was a very difficult decision for us to make,
but there were many things that had made it more and more
difficult for me to run the business and still take care of my family properly.

But in February of 2011, we decided to
not throw everything out
- we decided to "start over".
We focused on what we do best
- Pocket Diapers, training pants and adult incontinence products!
In order to make it work, we simplified everything, but it's going great!

For the transition to new production,
we are continuing to sell off our existing adult products,
until they are gone, while offering a new line of products!

On April 15, 2011 we re-opened offering our new line of youth and adult pocket diapers and training pants/briefs!
During the summer of 2011 we re-introduced the Snap-EZ Multi-Size Baby Pocket Diaper.
Just now we are working on an all new Snap-EZ Multi-Size Infant Pocket Diapers
This will fit preemies and small newborns/babies from 4 pounds up to around 11 pound babies!

You can stay up to date on our happenings,
by signing up for our
Snap-EZ Newsletters
(sign up box is in the top left corner of the home page),
and check out
News Page weekly!
These are called Pocket diapers
because they have an opening at the back
to stuff an insert/soaker/prefold into!
These diapers consist of an
outer layer of "PUL"
(waterproof laminated
polyester knit fabric),
and an inner layer of
polyester Microfleece from Polartec,
the best in the industry
and milled in the USA.
The microfleece wicks the
moisture away from the skin
and into the soaker/insert/prefold
so wetness is not felt.
This also reduces the incidence of rashes.
It also makes clean up much
easier as "stuff" doesn't stick
to microfleece like it does
to diaper flannel and other cottons!
The PUL outside and the Microfleece
inside are stretchy,
giving the diaper stretch for a better fit.
We only use Lastin
(latex free swimwear elastic)
in these diapers
as it is so gentle on the skin!
It is used at the back opening
on both sides, in the front,
and around the legs to
create a very fitted diaper.
The Lastin is sewn into hidden serged seams creating very soft comfortable
leg and waist fit.
There are 2 - 4 triple sets of
polyacetal resin snaps
to choose from on each side,
allowing for adjusting the fit of the
leg, hip and waist separately.

These come in one Multi-Size for babies/toddlers, two Youth Sizes,
and 4 adult sizes.
The adult sizes are available in two styles -
Regular Rise and Low Rise.

I recommend Regular Rise for overnight or heavy daytime wetness,
And the Low Rise style for daytime use - these fit more like underwear and are very good at concealing themselves!

The Multi-Size Baby Pocket Diaper fit from 8 pounds to 35 pounds:

Pocket diapers in any size work great with appropriate size prefolds,
but our
Hemp/Cotton Folding Inserts are trimmer and more absorbent by far!!

What are the advantages of cloth over disposable products?

Disposables are costly, noisy, smelly and embarassing...
to say nothing of how bad they are on our environment.
They are also hard on skin, and can cause many other health problems,
especially when worn continuously!

Cloth Diapers with microfleece inners do not hold the wetness against the skin,
cost effective in the long run, make no more noise than your normal clothing,
minimal odor (if any), and you never have to check out with these in person!
Because these wick the wetness away,
it protects the skin from rashes and irritation.

And, best of all, they come in wonderful colors as well as white!

But How Does a Pocket Diaper Work?

                              These are sewn with an opening in the back, with elastic on all sides.

You insert an absorbent pad/insert/soaker/prefold inside the diaper,
between the outer waterproof fabric and the inner microfleece fabric.
The wetness is wicked though the inner microfleece and into the
soaker/insert inside, leaving the wearer feeling dry!

After wearing, simply remove the insert, and wash!
Because they are not sewn together,
they wash and dry thoroughly!

We also offer Hemp/Cotton Fleece Inserts
These are trim and absorbent and odor resistant too!
I recommend 1 soaker for day time, and 2 - 3 for night time usage!
The simplicity of the Snap-EZ Pocket Diaper is great for mothers, caretakers,
individuals who want their independent lifestyle back,
and people with special needs who are looking for a dependable,
reusable diaper, freeing themselves from the tyranny
of purchasing "disposables" over and over again
- buy it once and use for years!!!

our review.
i love to review cloth diapers. i was super excited to be able to review the snap ez diaper. i chose the color cherry since i didnt have a solid red diaper in my stash at all. i washed the diaper as soon as we got it. this diaper does dry alot faster then my other diapers. i tried the diaper out on me'ana during a nap first. the diaper didnt leak at all. i stuffed the diaper with a microfiber insert. the diaper didnt leak at all. so i then decided i would try it out for night time. i stuffed the diaper with 1 bamboo insert for night time. the diaper didnt leak at all. the diaper is a little smaller than all of my other one size diapers. the diaper does fit me'ana great though. i am using it on the last set of snaps. i love how bright the color is too. alot of other red colored diapers are dull and plain looking. the snap ez cherry diaper is a beautiful bright and vibrant red color. i will keep the snap ez diaper in my stash until me'ana out grows it. then i will use it for my son as well.  head over to snap ez and check out all of there afforbale and awesome diapers. then be sure to come back and enter into my rafflecopter for your chance to win a gift card.
here is me'ana in the snap ez cherry diaper. see its on the last set of snaps.
the diaper fit her legs well too.
cute bum shot. not a bulky diaper at all.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

disclaimer:i wanst compensated in nay way for this review. however i did recieve a sample product to try. these are 100 percent my own opinions.


Unknown said...

I would pick the lavendar Multics size baby diaper

J. Olson said...

I would choose a Multi-size Baby diaper in butter yellow!

Unknown said...

Infant diaper for the new baby!

Jessi Gonzalez said...

I'd like a NB diaper.
Jessi Greenmamajama

Unknown said...

I would choose the multi size baby diaper in Seaspray.

Angie D said...

My Favorite is Butter Yellow for NB. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I would get a Multi-Size Baby Pocket Diaper in Bluebell.

Unknown said...

i would love the Multi-Size Infant - pocket diaper in bluebell

christinejessamine at hotmail dot com