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Monday, December 17, 2012

CANGLES REVIEW and giveaway

About Cangles Recycled Jewelry

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to get acquainted. We love what we're doing and appreciate your interest in Cangles.

In August 2009 our family was discussing a heartbreaking drive we'd taken through the neighborhoods where our family had lived for three generations. What were once thriving neighborhoods was now home to poverty with dozens of boarded-up businesses, littered with refuse.
During this conversation the idea of creating bangles by recycling cans thrown away due to carelessness was born. How exciting to actually do something that positively impacts the environment! The bonus was we'd be creating an affordable fashion accessory for you to wear - Fashionably Green jewelry. Eventually, with enough sales, we could employ people from our community in need of jobs. We chose to name our enterprise Cangles, combining the words "can" and "bangle." Now, the fact that none of us had a background in jewelry manufacturing did not deter us one bit! With determination a housewife, a retired AT&T problem-solving technical specialist, a court reporter, and a commercial tile layer could certainly accomplish these goals.
Fast-forward two years. Yes, we did! We developed a process by which we could reliably and safely manufacture Cangles Fashionably Green jewelry. All made by hand, we are extremely proud of the quality and finish of all of our products. Not satisfied with just offering bangles for women, you may now select 1/2-inch or 1-inch cuff bracelets in styles for men and women. Earrings, hair clips, and necklaces round out our upcycled jewelry creations.
We've had the honor of being asked to design four exclusive custom bracelets licensed by Save the Earth Foundation, which are available in our shopping area. Proceeds from those sales directly aid the Save the Earth Foundation in their environmental research and education efforts.
Remembering those in need is important to us. From every item that you purchase, a portion is donated. The Food Bank Council of Michigan, the Wounded Warrior Project, and Cass River Pet Friendz are among the charities you're donating to when you purchase Cangles. All recycled aluminum can tabs are delivered to the Ronald McDonald House in Detroit, Michigan, in memory of Nicole Emily Briggs from Vassar, who lived her brief life from August 16, 1986 to March 12, 1990. And in honor of our mother, Shirley Jean, we've designed five special Cangles "Cure" bracelets. From each bracelet your buy, $1 is donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. You may read more about these organizations by clicking on our Charity Links tab.
                            MY REVIEW.
I love to get jewelry. i was so suprised when i came across the cangles website. i saw braclets made from pop cans. how awesome is that? i had to email for a review. i was so excited when they said yes. i chose the one that was made from a moonmist pop can. when we first moved to lousiana they didnt have moonmist husband use to drink it all teh time back in michigan. it was his favorite drink. when the bracelet got here i showed him rigth away. he said that is so cool. i love my awesome braclet. head over to cangles and check out all of there awesome bracelets and more they have to offer.
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disclaimer: i was given a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any ither way for this review. these are all my own opinions.


jenzen69 said...

Monster Energy Custom Name Cuff

carolaontour said...

I think I'd choose the Arizona Tea Red Apple Bangle.