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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The Surf Sweets brand was inspired by fun, healthy lifestyles and food choices. Sunny days on the beach, riding a few waves, and enjoying the best candy on the planet – what could be better?
Since we love candy and eat it regularly, we thought it made sense to offer candy that not only tastes fantastic, but that is a better choice for you, your family and for the environment.
Surf Sweets is part of TruSweets, LLC. Our company is committed to offering you great tasting candy and building a long-lasting relationship with you for many years to come.
We would love to hear from you, so please don’t be shy about contacting us with questions, feedback or ideas.
Get out your Surf Boards and ride the wave of natural flavor with us.
See you at the Beach!
                             MY REVIEW.
My girls and all the kids that i know love candy. my kids arent allowed to have alot of candy. My girls were so excited to have alot of candy to eat. I let them have this candy because it is all natural and healthy. I tasted the candy also and I love it as well. My girls loved the surf sweet candy so much. I will deffinatly be buying more of this so good tasting candy. head over to surf sweets and check out all of there great tasting healthy and yummy candy.
Me'ana with all the awesome candy.
me'ana so happy she had some candy. That she could eat all the time if she wanted too.
disclaimer: i did recieve a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for thsi review. these are all my own opinions.

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