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Sunday, March 17, 2013


About Us:

Groom Industries has been providing the highest quality cleaning products and supplies for over 30 years! We have the experience and work directly with commercial cleaners throughout the world developing the best cleaning products available. Now these amazing professional products are available to the public. Don't be fooled by cheap grocery brands that not only under-perform but are also dangerous and un-tested, trust in Groom Industries. We work hard developing the best cleaning supplies that will give proven results and not mask or dissapoint. . Groom Industries was made famous with the Grandi Groom carpet rake over 30 years ago and this same high-quality carpet rake is still used by thousands of professionals today. The Grandi Groom carpet grooming device lead to other great cleaning products such as the Perky Spotter stain remover line and the HomePro by design household cleaning supplies. Groom knows cleaning and how to make a hard cleaning job that much easier. Professionally tested and approved with emphais on results and safety. These cleaning products will outperform everything you have under the sink. Products for carpet stain removal, carpet raking, bathroom cleaning, glass cleaning, leather cleaner and protector, mold removal, hand sanitizing, and hundreds of microfiber towels, buckets, spray bottles and more! Groom is your one stop shop for all your cleaning supply needs. Have a stubborn stain and not sure what to do?... check out our stain removal chart to use the right product the first time. Need more info??... Check out some of the info below that covers your specific cleaning need...

The Best Stain Removers

Finding the best stain remover for your specific stain can be a daunting task. Today we are inundated with hundreds of choices and brands to choose from. It becomes frustrating trying to sift through the options, that we tend to just get whatever is the most convenient at the time. Most stain removers on the market use cheap and dangerous chemicals that don't work and can damage your carpet. At Groom Industries we supply to thousands of professional cleaners who depend on two things; Results and Safety. At Groom we spend numerous hours testing, testing and more testing to ensure each and every stain remover is the best available. Our on-site chemist strives for performance, safety and perfection in every product we make. We don't source anything and only Groom's high standards pass or reject every formula. These stain removers are designed to destroy, dissipate and deodorize stains right at the source. Most grocery brand stain removers only slightly remove the stain from the top of the carpet fibers. They disregard the source of the stain that resides deep down in the carpet pad. Don't be tricked by their "foaming action" because 99% of the time the stain will come back. Groom stain removers are totally different and attack the stain at the source. Our flip top pour spots send stain removing detergents deep down to the carpet pad and remove stains and odors to guarantee no return. Just blot the area with a clean spotting terry towel and repeat if necessary. Don't rely on stain removing chemicals made in a second rate factory or produced with no regards for environmentally safe cleaning practices. Groom only produces the safest and most effective stain removers on the market, You will SEE the difference the moment you use it! Buy Now...

Remove Pet Stains and Odors Like a Professional

Pet stains and odor are the hardest of all the stains and can linger on for years if not treated and removed properly. Grocery brands may claim to "Remove & Deodorize" but that is simply not true. Cat urine removal and dog urine odor are very difficult to remove and without the right tools they will come back visually and stinkier then ever before. Groom developed the commercial grade Pet Spotter stain and odor remover to treat this very problem. When dogs, cats, gerbils, antelope, penguins or even monkey's accidentally do their business on your carpet you need to treat the problem at the source. Pet Stain Removers only treat the top of the carpet fibers and truly don't reach the source of the smell and stain deep in the carpet pad. Pet Spotter will travel down deep into the carpet back and carpet pad to deodorize and remover the toughest pet stains and odors.
Besides carpet stains, pets can also create a smelly air bourne mess sometimes too! Try the odor eliminator to remove those strong pet odors from furniture and beds and throughout the whole house. Twice as strong and longer lasting then the leading brands, this odor eliminator doesn't "mask" the smell but attract directly to the odor causing bacteria and neutralizes the smell on contact. Unlike grocery brands, Odor Eliminator breaks down the molecular structure of odors and destroys them from coming back in an hour or two like masking deodorizers that only cover up the smell. Not sure whether to get the Pet Spotter or Odor Eliminator to try??... No worries, try our specialized pet stain and odor removal kit for the ultimate weapons to battle your pet's most dangerous messes. Great for cat urine removal, dog urine odor, dog poop removal, cat odors and pet vomit. This Kit has it all! Buy Now...

Kill Black Mold

Mold removal is not for the faint of heart. It can be a dirty and disgusting job. Some ask... "What do the professionals use?..." Well.... they use professional products that are designed by professional cleaners. The best mold and mildew removers are only as good as the companines who back them up. Sporicidin and Benefect are 2 of the most trusted brands in the world for professionals when removing mold during large mold remediation jobs from extensive water damage, to getting rid of mold in small bathrooms and kitchens on grout lines and surfaces. Mold removers don't have to be 100% bleach with toxic fumes that are more dangerous to breath then the mold itself. Benefect mold remover uses safe and non-toxic ingredients to kill up to 99.99% of mold causing bacteria in 30 seconds. There are no synthetic chemicals, no brain cell killing fumes and most importantly.... it's designed by professionals who demand nothing short of exceptional results. See how you can kill black mold and take mold removal to a whole new level today! Buy Now...

Carpet Rakes

Groom Industries is the original and only professionally endorsed manufacturing company for carpet rakes. Why trust knock-offs or something made in a factory overseas?... Our carpet rakes are proudly made in the USA! We take extra time to ensure each and every carpet rake produced is of the utmost quality. A rigorous test and inspection is performed on every carpet rake from the sturdy hickory handles, to the frame, to the high quality Dupont nylon tynes that are essential to the performance of a high quality carpet rake. Professional carpet cleaners depend on the durability of the Grandi Groom Carpet Rake for loosening dirt and soil deep down in the carpet fibers. Many homeowners think vacuuming throughly cleans their carpets, but deep down in the bed of the carpet fibers rests dirt, pet hair, dander and other harmful allergens. Using a carpet rake before vacuuming helps loosen all that gunk and grime bringing it to the top of the carpet to make your vacuuming that much more effective and leaving your house that much cleaner
Having a party? or just trying to spruce up the house before company comes over?... Why not try using the Perky carpet rake to raise smashed and matted carpet to make your carpet look not only freshly vacuumed, but also give it that "brand new" look! Simply rake over the entire carpet area and lift to see what the nylon tynes capture. You will be amazaed at what you find in the depths of your carpet.
Professional carpet cleaners depend on the durability and longevity of the Grandi Groom Carpet Rake. Day after day they clean thousands of feet of carpet and rely on the Grandi Groom and Perky carpet groomers to loosen dirt and soil deep down in the carpet fibers before shampooing. These soils can cut and tear at carpet fibers over time and if not removed will permanently damage and fray your carpet reducing the life and costing you thousands of dollars in replacements and repairs. Professional cleaners also use carpet rakes to set the carpet pile after shampooing to not only eliminate cleaning lines left by carpet cleaning machines, but to speed up drying times and eliminate the "crunchy" carpet feel that is result of carpet shampooing.
Don't forget the Groom Industries line of carpet brushes. These are similar to the carpet rakes but have smaller tynes and act as a scrubbing brush to agitate stain removers when cleaning large areas of carpet. These carpet brushes are perfect for low pile carpet too, giving it that brand new look when grooming over smashed and matted areas. See for yourself how easy and rewarding using carpet rakes can be. With quality craftsmanship and Free Shipping for All orders over $50 you can't lose. Buy Now...

Leather Cleaner and ProtectorLeather Cleaner and Protector

You work hard and save money to invest in a beautiful living room leather couch set. This will be your centerpiece for guests to visit and talk over coffee or holiday cheer... But we all know the truth... it will be destroyed by the kids, the dog and the in-laws! How can you protect your investment for years of continuous enjoyment?... try HomePro Leather Cleaner and Leather Protector. Spills happen and messes happen, whether we want them to or not. But spills on leather can permanently ruin the beautiful sheen and look. When cleaning stains and dirt from leather, you need to be extra careful not to damage the hyde. Caustic cleaners and chemicals can damage leather and make things worse. HomePro leather cleaner is gentle but powerful at treating stains on leather couches, leather car interiors and even leather jackets & boots.
Besides cleaning, protecting leather from future stains and dirt is imperative in a busy household. HomePro Leather Protector will do just that. With specialized enzymes and protectants that absorb and create an invisible shield against soiling and stains caused by drinks, food and dirt. Ensure the long life of your leathers with HomePro leather cleaner and protector. Buy Now...

                                                     MY REVIEW.

My mother in law will be here real soon so i was in a rush to get my house spotless. i know all of you want everything to look all nice and tidy when your inlaws are coming over. well my inlaws only visit twice a year. they live in michigan. i am a stay at home mom of 3 children all under 6. brea is 5. me'ana is 4. channing is only 5 month. i am very busy with breathing treatments and cleaning and cooking and yard work as well. so i want products that make it alot easier on me to clean. when i used groom industries products, i was so amazed. i got thru cleaning so much faster. i love that they work so good. all i had to do was spray the all purpose cleaner on and wipe and my counters and bathroom was all clean. no scubbing at all. i will deffinatly keep using groom industries products. i have used several or there products and they are all a life saver. make sure to head over to groom industries and check out all there awesome products.

disclaimer: i was given a sample product to try out.i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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