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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


About little twig

Natural Living for Modern Parents

Children mean the world to us, and the world means everything to our children. That is why little twig products are developed with the advice of pediatricians and real-life parents. At little twig we want to provide families with a safe and natural bath time alternative. We utilize the most effective organic and botanical ingredients in our simple recipe for pure and gentle personal care. Each product is an example of our commitment to quality, and that is why we completely guarantee each product.

Our Family Tree

Making the right choice for your child’s health is vital. The little twig online community was created so that parents can feel confident about the decisions they make for their families. The little twig website features information about little twig products and a forum where your opinions and concerns can be voiced. It also provides the latest news on the issues that matter most to families.

Our Growing Circle

All children deserve a promising future. At little twig we recognize that we need to do our part to better our community and environment. Wherever possible, our company supports those in need by donating time, money and marketing efforts to community and environmentally focused charities, both locally and globally. little twig encourages you to join in the effort to strengthen our communities.

Planting Seeds

Children are affected the most by the health of our environment. For their sake we have a duty to preserve our planet. The little twig recycling program was created to involve families in our efforts to reduce waste. It’s one simple way you can give back to the environment and get a little something in return. Let’s all do our part; future generations are depending on us.
little twig and you, making our world a healthier, happier place one tub at a time.
                           MY REVIEW.
I love to use natural product on my children. its hard to find a great smelling and natural product that actually works. i recieved several baby and children products to try out for my children. i love how awesome there products smell. i love that i only have to use a small amount. The products from little twig work really well too. my son and daughters all smelled so greatf ater there bath. they even smelled great the next morning as well alot of othe rproducts scents wear off before morning. i love how soft the little twig conditioner made my girls hair as well. head over and check out little twigs awesome products.

here is me'ana holding her 2 favorite products from little twig.

disclaimer: i was given a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for thsi review. these are all my own opinions.

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