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Friday, March 15, 2013


Our Mission

It is our sole mission to bring the world the best natural papaya ointments and creams available anywhere. We will always strive to do this in a way that affords our customers the best price and fastest shipping while still providing the freshest product. We’ll never pass along a bad or insufficient product and we’ll work equally with our suppliers and our customers to foster healthy relationships. We will always let our integrity guide us when any decision needs to be made.

About is located centrally in the United States and works with suppliers from around the globe to procure and distribute papaya, pawpaw, and papaw products. We are solely an online merchant which allows us to keep our overhead low and our costs even lower. We’ve tested many different papaya goods to seek out the highest quality products to ensure that our customers receive the very finest creations this magical fruit has to offer.

We studied at marveled at the papaya fruit long before we ever dreamed about going into business around it. The health and medicinal benefits started to unfold as we only treated our taste buds at first. Before long it became clear that we needed to further the use of this super fruit around the world and was born.
                                                MY REVIEW.
My son had a really bad diaper rash. The rash was from him being sick. he had the rash for about 3 weeks. I had tried just about every over teh counter cream and a few rx ones too. They either made it worse or didnt work at all. then my grandma had told me about the papaw ointment. i looked it up online and i had to email to give it a try. as soon as it got here i gave my son a bath and put some on his bum and put him to bed. the next morning the rash was all gone. the rash was so bad too. this is the best ointment i have found out there by far. me'ana has exzema really bad. she had a break out and i used the papaya ointment on her rash. it healed it up with a day. i will definatly keep using these products. you should head over and check out papaw ointment and all there awesome products.
my son all happy that he no longer has a rash.
disclaimer: i was given sample products to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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