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Friday, April 26, 2013


The making of Willow & Olivia

It started with a,literally it did!
Gia Garcia decided at an early age that she wanted to follow in her father's culinary footsteps. Her dream ever since she was a little girl on the Island of Trinidad & Tobago was to own a Café. A Café where people could not only relax but one that would also play host to a number of her dad's secret recipes and Island cuisine from her home land of Trinidad & Tobago.
The "Dream"
One morning while Gia was asleep she had a dream. In the dream she heard the voice of her dad calling out to her saying "Get up and do something" while the faint voices of children singing "Willow & Olivia" over and over echoed in the background. Willow & Olivia were Gia's childhood creative fairies.
Gia woke up and headed to her computer, where in less than five minutes the Willow & Olivia logo was created. With the addition of "A little Magic in every bite" it was now complete and Gia knew what she had to do.
Gia took the last $60.00 she had to her name and she dusted off her dad's old recipe book which she inherited and got to work in her kitchen. A few hours later the most delicious, decadent, amazing cake ball treats were created. Gia sent these unique desserts to her family and friends to sample and critique, soon after orders started coming in and everyone was talking about Willow & Olivia Cake Balls.
Today, Gia can still be found in the Willow & Olivia kitchen experimenting with new flavors and mastering her most popular line of "Adult flavors" which included flavors such as; Hennessy Bomb, Irish Ladies and Trinidad- The Rum Ball to name a few.
Willow & Olivia Creations has been featured in several publications as well as getting its starting push by being featured on NY's Z100 nationally syndicated radio show "The Elvis Duran and the Morning show."
" Take your vision and turn it into a Dream thus creating your own path in life " -Gia~
(copied from the willow and olivia creations website.)
my review.
my girls and i love cake pops, cake balls , and cake in general. I was so excited to be able to review some awesome products from willow and olivia. My girls were so excited when they seen the products from willow and olivia. They looked way to pretty to eat. I was so excited to try there cake balls and brownies. My girls and I loved the brownies and the cake balls. They where all so good that I wanted to hide them and not share them. I love my girls so much that I shared all of the cake balls and brownies with them we all loved the great tasting and yummy baked goods from willow and olivia. make sure to head over to willow and olivia and check out all of there yummy products.
me'ana all excited to try the cake balls.
me'ana eating a brownie and enjoying it.
me'ana eating a cake ball and enjoying it.
disclaimer: i was given a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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