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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Well I haven't been blogging in the last much as you all are use to. I am sorry I haven't made that many posts. My childrens father moved out awhile back and I have been cleaning house and getting rid of stuff. He finally got a place of his own. My childrens father and I have been separated for a lil over a year. I have finally gotten my house back to normal. my children use ot not listen to well. now they listen to me really good. I took time off from blogging to spend time with my children. They are my world. I love my children so much. brea had a birthday in may and shes now 6 and me'ana had a birthday in june and shes now 5. channing is 8 months old. he can sit up on his own and he can stand up and hold on to the couch. I think he may skip crawling. channing uses a sippy cup now. he only uses a bottle for his milk. I am so proud of him. My girls have been keepin there rooms cleaned on there own. I am so proud of my girls too. hope you all are having an awesome summer. I am going to be getting our pool ready soon for my children and I to enjoy. hope you all have a good day and night.

 here is channing recently. he has gotten so big.
 there my me'ana. she loves cake balls. hahaha
 heres my channing and me'ana cuddling.

here my beautiful princess brea. she loved her new headband

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