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Monday, March 25, 2013


The founder of MAM is the Austrian Peter Röhrig. He is a qualified plastics engineer, has practical business experience from his parents' own industrial enterprise, and is a precise and pragmatic thinker.
The decision to focus on high-quality baby products offering a medical benefit – rather than microwaveable tableware or pharmaceutical packaging which were also shortlisted – was based to a large extent on meticulous analysis, rational business sense and a modern understanding of the market.
For in those days, in the mid-1970s, the market demanded that discerning parents make a compromise: pacifiers, for example, either had a pretty design or were developed to offer a medical benefit – but the two things could not be found in one product. Until MAM came along.
The first MAM pacifier was sold in 1976, and the company then gradually evolved to become the world's leading authority on the design of baby products.

MAM Timeline

  • 1976: The MAM company is founded in Vienna. First MAM pacifier sold in Austria
  • 1987: The international sales and production centre is established in Switzerland
  • 1989: The MAM company is established in Great Britain
  • 1990: MAM buys the Swedish market leader "Bambino"
  • 1990: MAM's own factory is opened in Hungary (MAM Hungaria)
  • 1991: The MAM company is established in Germany
  • 1997: The MAM Product Development department is opened in Siegendorf (Austria)
  • 1998/99: The MAM companies are established in Hungary and Brazil
  • 2002: MAM's own latex production starts at "Thaimed" in Thailand
  • 2008: The MAM companies are established in Spain and the USA

Learn To Drink Cup 6 oz


Ideal for the transition from breast or bottle to cup

• BPA-free bottle
• Ideal for the transition from breast or bottle feeding to training cup
• Valve inside spout prevents liquid from spilling out when cup is not in use
• Easy for child to hold due to innovative shape
• Removable plastic cap helps keep spout clean when not in use
mam love and affection
Reflects baby’s love for Mommy and Daddy

• Special value pack includes two BPA-free pacifiers and one matching clip
• Curved shield allows the pacifier to sit comfortably on baby’s face
• MAM Ultra Soft Silicone Nipple stays comfortably in baby’s mouth due to the anti-slip texture
• Symmetrical nipple ideal for baby’s jaw development
• Textured surface and multiple small openings on the pacifier shield allow air to circulate and baby’s skin to breathe
• Clip helps keep pacifiers clean when not in use and close at hand

                             my review.
I have used mam products with all of my children. There products work great and are super cute as well as stylish. There products are all so easy to find too. Mam is carried in almost all of the stores i shop at. Yoou can even find mam products at the dollar stores too. Channings first pacifier was a mam one. he has always loved mam products since he was born. i remember the nurse trying to give him this round paci and she came in the room and said your son just dont like paci's. i said what kind did you give him? she told me and i got a pack of mam out of my bag and said try these. she said ok. well when she brought him back to me room he had a mam paci in his mouth. she said how'd you know he's like that kind? i told her because my girls did and that mam has some of the best baby products. i love mam products for my children. below is channing with a mam pacifier. make sure to enter below for your chance to win a sippy cup.
channing with his mam pacifier.

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disclaimer: i was given a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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