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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Tatutina is a small business that started in Massachusetts and has recently moved to Rhode Island. Our mission is to bring unique products into this world that reflect a happy and fun lifestyle. Everything we create in our Tatutina collection are inspired by our family, homes and art. We are a mother-daughter team that loves to design functional, fun and quality products.

All Tatutina items are designed and tested to meet the requirements of the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). All of our products use certified non-toxic, lead free paints.
(copied right from tatutina's website)

 Open cube boxes are so cute. I loved that we got to review one for each of our girls. Brea and Me'ana have alot of really cute headbands with bows that I made for them. The headbands was taking up alot of space on there dressers. I was so excited I couldnt wait for the open cubes to get here. I was even more excited that the cubes would have my daughters letters of there first names on them. When the boxes got here I called both of my girls to come see. i had already tooken them out of the packaging and had asked them which one was there and they knew right away. I love that you have the option to add the letter to the cubes. That way when its time to do hair there is no confusion of whose cube is whose. My girls love there cubes so much. My girls couldn't wait for there daddy to get home and tell him to wait right there they had to show him something they had gotten that was so awesome. When he saw the cubes he said wow they look even more awesome here than pictured on the site. my girls even had to show there grandparents that came to visit for easter from michigan. They told her that they wated more awesome stuff from Tatutina's online store. When she asked why? Brea had said because they have beautiful stuff to make my room look nice. Me'ana answered and said because They have very pretty stuff that I love oh so much. I will definatly be telling all my friends and famil about these awesome cubes from Tatutina.  Make sure to check out how beautiful the cubes are my girls are holding below. Then enter to win one of your own.
Here is my beautiful daughter Me'ana holding her open cube and so proud of it.
Here is my princess Brea holding her open cube and oh so happy and in such awww of how pretty it is to her.
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sarh s said...

I'd liek the pink stripe box with the bright striped J. I also love her paper trays and desk organization thing

Debby said...

I would pick the pink box with the letter C.

I also love the Baby Supply Caddy - Baby Animals!

And I love the Crayon Caddy - Splatter!

Thank you for hosting the giveaway!


Unknown said...

I would want the Pink with the letter K

Debby said...

I love the Bright Pink Open Cube Box with a Bright Letter C.

I also love the Jewelry Box with Pastel Flowers.

I am sorry if this is duplicate.

Thank you for hosting the giveaway!