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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Sun Protection Zone is one of the leading innovators of sun protective clothing and products since 2005. Over the past several years we have come out with multiple lines of 100% UVA & UVB maximum protection apparel and accessories for children and adults. Each year we unveil new products, some are unlike anything else on the market. We are always evolving the colors and designs of our classic lines to keep our customers looking and feeling fashionable while protecting themselves from the sun. Most of the products on our website are priced noticeably lower than our competitors, giving us the opportunity to sell affordable sun protective products of great quality and unique design.

Sun Protection Zone has had many accomplishments over the past several years. We have been approved by the American Melanoma Foundation and the Melanoma International Foundation. We have been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines, such as the LA Times and The Costco Connection. Sun Protection Zone was also the first sun protective apparel company to be approved for sale in Costco Wholesale roadshows in 2009.

Sun Protection Zone not only sells sun protective products, but we also get involved in spreading the message of sun safety. We sponsor and donate to charity events in order to help raise awareness for skin cancer. We work with some of the leading dermatologists in the country to educate their patients about sun protective products by sending free samples, brochures, and other informative publications. We also helped promote, “Franny and Freddy Get Fried!” a children’s book geared to educate kids at a young age about the dangers of the sun and how to protect themselves. We attended the Los Angeles Festival of Books in 2010 where this book was featured, and copies were made available to the hundreds of kids that attended.

Our promise to you, the one-time customer, the repeat customer, and the future customer is this:
Sun Protection Zone will continue to provide affordable and unique sun protective products so that no one is left behind in the fight against skin cancer. We will shine where others have waned on quality, style, price, and ingenuity. We will continue the effort of spreading the message that sun protection is a year round necessity. And since no one is safe from sun exposure, we will continue to take great pride in knowing that we help people of all different ages and skin types stay protected during their most enjoyable outdoor experiences in life. Because every day is a sun day.


                          My review.
I wasso excited to actually review some super cute sun protective clothing for me'ana. Me'ana is my only child that gets burned from the sun. My oldest daughter just gets tan. Yes I know that she too need a sun protective suit as well. Me'ana and I had been talking about planting a garden this year. I knew that we would be out in the sun that day for a longtime. I was super excited when the sun protective clothing got here. It came so fast too. I think it was like maybe 4 or 5 days after I told them the size that I got teh package. When I showed me'ana she said yay mommy my favorite color. My daughter me'ana is like me she is extremly easy to please. After looking at the sun protection suit she says mommy its got long sleeves and its too hot to wear this. So I explained to her what the sun protection suit is for. Now she wants to wear the suit every time we go outside to water the garden or really anytime we go out in the sun. I love the color, and that it had a hood, and really protected my daughters delicate skin. Me'ana loved the color and the hood too. Since purple is her favorite color I knew she would love it even more. Thank you sun protection for helping me keep my daughter safe and still looking adorable. Make sure to head over to Sun Protections Clothing and check out there awesome sun protective clothing. Also make sure to check out my daughter's pictures below. She looks so beautiful and proud of her new suit.
Me'ana in her new sun protective clothing. lovin the hood.
My daughter me'ana doing her diva pose because she knows she looks super cute and is still going to not get hurt by the sun.
Me'ana showing you the cute writing on the bum as well. Such a lovely, yet stylish piece of protective clothing.

disclaimer: i was given a sample product to try out. i wasnt compensated in any other way for this review. these are all my own opinions.

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Debby said...

This is really neat! Such cute clothing while offering sun protection. Great idea!

And your little models are so adorable!

Thank you for making me aware of these products and writing the review!